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Emily & Maddie










These two girls were such a treat to capture!  Their dresses their mother found were just beautiful.  The fall is such a perfect time for pictures.  It seems to be a time of year that many families realize how important new pictures of their kids really are.  I have several upcoming family & children sessions & I couldn’t be happier.  It’s such a fun, care-free way to spend a gorgeous fall afternoon…playing outside!

It was so hard for me to stop posting more images of these two.  We had such a great time shooting our formal pictures in the linen dresses, but what was even more fun was having the incentive of a colorful playground to run to once we were done!  I think I got just as many awesome pictures of the girls on the playset as I did before then!

I always have to credit my mom for some of the level-headed, great ideas she comes up with when planning children’s sessions.  And so I have to give this perfect location (gorgeous fall leaves/playground area all-in-one) idea to her.  Thanks, mom!


Las Vegas!

We’re back! We left on a little trip last Sunday morning around 7:00 a.m. out of Lake Charles for Las Vegas.

My dad, a local dentist here in Sulphur, had his yearly ADA dental convention this fall & it was held in Las Vegas. My husband & I were invited to tag along for the trip, so we did! We stayed at the awesome Excalibur hotel & casino (the one that looks like a castle). We were there from early Sunday to Wednesday morning & it felt like we never stopped!

I’d like to first tell you all (all that haven’t visited Vegas) that it is NOTHING like it’s made out to be! It was clean, safe, & really fun! Our hotel was one of many that are located right on The Strip. I’ve heard, however, if you’d like to see the “old” Vegas, that it’s not too far away…I think around Freidmont Street. But on the new strip, it’s nothing but fun! Yes, we gambled, a whopping $40 (a for about an hour, I was winning a good amount!), but we spent the majority of our time walking the strip & just trying to take it all in.

We shopped a lot (of course) & I picked up some awesome Chanel sunglasses & tried on some Prada shoes in the Forum shops. Then, to even things out, we found a huge luxury sports car showroom for Adam to oogle a bit (haha).

untitled.jpg (courtesy of yahoo images-not mine!)


We saw Elton John’s show, “The Red Piano”, & we even made 3 laps around the Las Vegas Motorspeedway in stock cars!
We ate at the amazing Eiffel Tower restaurant, 15 stories up, with a 360 view of the city.  And then, to top off the end of our trip, we took our stuffed selves to the very top of the “Eiffel Tower”, 50+  stories high, & got a breathtaking view of the entire area!


All in all, it was an awesome trip!  We figured it would be fun, but we never thought we could have so much fun in Las Vegas.  So, if you’ve learned anything, please know that you don’t have to take a trip to Vegas just for gambling.  You can go & not even think about slot machines.  It’s a blast just to see everything Vegas offers, & to feel like you’ve traveled around the world in one day.


Nicole & Isabelle





Gigi & Ernie


This was an ultra-awesome wedding I assisted in photographing with my good friend, Christina Louvierre.

This wedding seemed like something from another world! The flowers were amazing, the dresses were to-die-for, & the people were awesome. The wedding featured a bridal party of 30 or more, meaning 3 limos/hummers were needed to transport everyone. The bride’s jewelry, dress, & shoes were stunning. The reception was held at the Civic Center, covering the entire third floor. The kids were given their own Jean Lafitte room with their own little sculptures, cakes, favors, & caterers. Ice sculptures, a bar, & appetizers covered the outside of their main reception room, overlooking the floors below. The main reception hall was covered in gorgeous fabric, wall to wall, & ceiling to ceiling. Gigi had a total of 4 cakes, including a 60″ cake that was wheeled into the reception after the couple entered! The entire celebration was breathtaking.


The many faces of Christina








Meet my awesome friend (& photographer) Christina! We have been talking about, & have almost succeeded several times, but never accomplished, this little session, until now!

Any shutterbugs out there know how it feels to always be “stuck” behind the lens, in stead of in front. All of us who make it our mission in life to capture those things never documented know how frusturating it is when you just want to jump in that group shot with everyone else, or you might be lookin’ good one night & only wish someone would just snap a picture, proving you’re having fun, too! Well, that’s the glorious life of Christina & I and we decided to change it up a bit & get some fun (and up-to-date) shots of each other. So, Friday afternoon, we picked up daquiries (compliments of Dr. Gates – the husband) & headed out on our own little adventure.

We had such a fun time (as always) & we laughed through the whole session. Stay tuned for a link to Christina’s blog when we get together for my pictures. 😛


And I just HAD to post this picture of the Teeters & her best friend, “Natty Bug”! Christina & her extremely precious 3 year old, Natalie, came over with Starbucks a few mornings ago to check out my new studio & visit for a bit. Natalie was amazed with all of the DirectTV channels & deciced on “Dora” for her morning TV fix. These two are inseparable when they’re together…like two peas in a pod. 🙂 I can only dream that my little girl will be as sweet & precious as this one.


The Huval family





113-w.jpg 135-w.jpg


What a gorgeous evening for a family session. 

Meet the two cutest little boys, Haden & Jackson, & their parents.  We met on Lakeshore drive at a friend of theirs’ beautiful home overlooking the lake.  This is such a great age for new family pictures; when your littlest has just rounded 12 months old.  They have such personality & they’re starting to want their own independence once walking is right around the corner.  As you can see, Jackson was all about “walking”!

I love the second shot with Jackson flying above his dad.  There’s such a light, airy feeling about this picture…it just makes me see the affection felt between the family.  On the original when you can see the detail, you can tell Jessica’s laughing, looking up at Jackson, while she holds Big Brother’s hand. 

We also took a few of just “the boys” & then lastly, just Jackson for his 12 month pictures.  Those bright blue eyes will have all the girls after him when he’s older!

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