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A little shout out

I just wanted to give a little shout out & let everyone know that I’ve recently become available for Saturday, June 2nd.  If you or anyone else is interested in booking that date, please contact me!  Studio:  337-439-5367  or  337-528-5566

Thank you & Happy Thursday!  🙂


Hydee & Ryan









Meet Hydee & Ryan, one of the coolest couples with an awesome wedding coming up in October!

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, blue skies, which were perfect for an engagement session!  It just also happened to be one of THE windiest days we’ve seen down here… something like 25-30 mph winds!  But we didn’t let that stop us from enjoying the weather & celebrating their engagement with some fun shots.

 If you’re wondering what’s up with this couple & their shirts, it’s just all about having that school spirit from college!  Hydee graduated from Georgia, while Ryan proudly finished school @ Texas, which can also explain Ryan’s Longhorn gesture in our ring shot!  Stay tuned for a sneak peek from Hydee’s upcoming bridal session! 

 Congrats to you both!  I hope you enjoy the pictures!











Meet Stacey, one of my beautiful brides who has a wedding just around the corner! I’ve known Stacey since the beginnings of high school & I feel so honored to take part in her gorgeous day! There’s just something about her… it’s a simple, quiet beauty that’s unique only to her. Congrats, Stace! I cannot wait for your wedding! 🙂


Eve & Nell











Well, Emily & I just couldn’t stand it… we both felt like it had been forever since these girls were in front of the camera!

So, we decided it was time to meet again… but at the park on a gorgeous, cool, crisp Friday afternoon.  The weather was just what we had hoped for!  When talking to Emily, I decided I wanted to do something fresh… something that made us feel like Spring was just right around the corner.  So, I told her I envisioned her two precious girls all bundled up, playing in the park… hair running wild & all!  And that’s just what we got!  Don’t you just love Eve’s little pink nose & Nell’s pigtails?!


A tribute to Byron LaFleur – by Kim Ardoin

Tribute to Byron LaFleur (read during Uncle Byron’s funeral on February 20, 2008.)

I’d like to share a few words & special memories about Byron.

He was definitely a unique individual. You never had to wander what he was thinking – because he didn’t mind telling you.

As most of you know – He loved antique clocks. He and Shelby had about 40 clocks in their home for years. When they moved to Lafayette, every clock had to be carefully moved and specifically placed in their beautiful new home! If you happened to be there visiting when the clocks struck the hour – the gonging, chiming, & ringing would go on for what seemed like forever. But he would just keep right on doing or saying whatever it was & not even notice the sudden jolt of sound & motion.

Just as the clocks were a big part of his life – so was his daily routine. In his retirement years, the clocks told him when it was time for early morning coffee & the daily newspaper. They told him when to ride his bike and when to eat his lunch. If he thought the kids were sleeping late – his clocks told him how many hours they had lost in that day.

He was an early riser, but what stood out even more than that was the fact that he loved to go to bed early! I never in my 50 years of life have ever seen another man insist on an early supper, an early bath, and an earlier bedtime other than Byron LaFleur. He was in his bed with the TV on shortly after sunset – just about every night. If I would call their house any time around 8:30 or 9:00 p.m., I could expect to be told that 8:45 was entirely too late to be making a phone call! I’d apologize, and then Shelby would fuss at him for fussing at me. I’d say – “It’s okay, Nanny – I know his bark is worse than his bite!”

Bedtime, mealtime, & bike-riding times were very important – but if the LSU Tigers were on TV – the schedule would have to be adjusted & that was okay! He loved those Tigers.

I also think Uncle Byron was responsible for our family’s deep love for animals. They had an old boxer mix named BJ & he loved that dog! He treated BJ like a person & called him “my man”!

When BJ was getting old & his days were numbered, Byron would leave the door to his truck open all night outside on the driveway so BJ could sleep in there – because that’s where BJ liked to sleep! His 1-on-1 relationship with BJ showed me how much a pet can add to a person’s life.

As we heard last night at the rosary – he loved music. All KINDS of music. From BB King & Fats Domino to Metallica & Lynard Skynrd. He loved to listen to Willie Nelson & used to sing “On the Road again…” whenever he drove us around town as kids.

He & Shelby were active RV campers for awhile, but it wasn’t because it was Byron’s idea! Shelby LOVED it & he “suffered through” those fun-filled times & shared with Shelby, friends, & family some of the best memories of their retirement years.

He was extremely proud of his family & THAT was something everybody knew! His children & grandchildren were the center of his life. As Alan Jackson says in his new song, “Small Town Southern Man”: “His greatest contributions are the ones he’ll leave behind.”

He’s leaving a lot of special, wonderful people behind. A beautiful wife of almost 50 years, two wonderful children, and their spouses, and grandchildren that always made him glow with pride!

Just as his clocks kept his daily routine going – they also were a big part of his knowing when it was time to go.

As Byron’s illness progressed, his days grew slower & the old bike started collecting dust in the garage. His exercise routines were replaced with his favorite TV game shows & sporting events. As his activity level slowed – so did the clocks. The constant ticking ceased & the clanging & gonging dwindled down to a few chimes & an occasional cuckoo bird’s greeting.

No one spoke about the fact that the clocks were getting quieter, but everyone noticed. He proudly turned over the brass clock keys to his granddaughter, Erin; much like Jesus turned over the keys to the Kingdom to Saint Peter. But, he still was not completely satisfied.

When his brother, Jimmy, came to stay & share in Byron’s care, they joined forces & started cleaning & servicing each & every clock that needed attention. Byron sat in his wheelchair as close to Jimmy as he could get; holding the flashlight as Jimmy labored tediously over the clocks.

Last Friday night, during a rain storm with Stacie’s help, he & Jimmy finished the clocks!! Once again the house was filled with the familiar ticking & chiming! All was right with the world!

The only thing not right about this proud moment in time is that it was also time for the keeper of the clocks to rest. He had gladly used every ounce of energy he had left to finish that job. Within 48 hours of the finished clock project, he was gone.

The time had come & he liked to be on time.

Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the good times. And thanks for the clocks – because we all know THERE IS NO GREATER GIFT THAN TIME.

Thank you ALL, for sharing this day with us.


Flushmount albums!



album-4.jpg album-7.jpg

album-8.jpg album-9.jpg





(Ok, so, I’d just like to get these pics up ASAP, so I’ll talk more about these awesome albums tomorrow!)


The Childers family


The kids…


I just love this picture of this cute girl all bundled up between pictures, even though my car’s in the b/g.  I think we all wished we had a blanket!


3030-w.jpg 2914-w.jpg 3093-w.jpg

Some grassy, laid back portraits.


I just couldn’t get over that red hair!



Chris, Danielle, & the very-well-behaved Jackson.  🙂



We had such a great time at this session!  I just love to see other families bring their whole family with them for portraits (i.e. the puppies)!

I had met Danielle (the beautiful red head pictured above) through a former B&G of mine last year.  (Thanks Cassie & Wade!)  I was so excited to finally meet her wonderful husband & puppy, as well as Chris’ entire family.  We had beautiful weather for their session, although it was definately chilly!

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