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Meet Caroline, another amazing senior!  Caroline and my cousin, Sarah, have been close friends since elementary school and now they’re both graduating!  Life happens just a little too quickly!

Caroline is a big basketball player @ St. Louis.  I was reading her jacket and remembered that their team was named undefeated District Champs of 06!  What a great senior year for them!  We had a great time during Caroline’s session.  It was nothing but laughs for us, which is always fun! 












Meet Cameron, one of my many gorgeous seniors I’ve had the pleasure of working with this year.  Cameron did an amazing job…  I think she could definately become a model with her hair and those eyes!  Congrats, Cameron!


A (very delayed) Good Friday/Easter Weekend Recap!


Kacie & Josh’s amazing 85 foot egg toss!


Gordie decided to stop by towards the end of the day for a little bit of leftovers…


Then got really excited when he saw some of the kids!


Okay, so, it’s a week or so later and I’m just now creating our Easter Collage….  As I’ve learned lately… it’s better late than never!  🙂

So, we have here, a whole bunch of pictures from our annual Good Friday get together, and then our Easter trip.  This year, Good Friday was held at my parents house, which just happens to be right next door to ours!  Because of this, Adam and I gave a few “grand tours” of the house, since most of our extremely large family never got to see it.

We had a great time.  My “Pop”, the crawfish-boiler extraordinaire, started cooking around 9:00 a.m. and the family starting showing up around 11:00.  We ate many pounds of crawfish, with delicious corn and potatoes.  My uncle even treated us all with some Raisin Cane’s sauce for dipping!  The egg pocking contest was next.  My grandmother always dyes all 32 of us our own personalized egg for the contest.  If you’ve never pocked eggs before, it’s really halarious to see all of the different “techniques” and “methods” that everyone has come up with to try and out-pock everyone else!  When Adam asked just how long this crazy tradition has been going on, my mom concluded that they’ve had about 45 years with “Good Fridays”, started by my great-grandfather! 

Anyway, the day was a blast.  We played hours of baseball with trees as bases and plastic bats and balls.  After the egg pocking (which I came in second in), we had a huge egg toss.  The first picture after the collage shows my cousin’s boyfriend and Kacie (in the b/g) as the final couple with an egg.  They had already won the contest, but wanted to see just how far they could keep throwing.  We measured their final toss @ 85 feet wide!!!  My aunt was on the phone in minutes sharing the new Cart record!

Our beautiful Easter morning view of the Sabine River.


Uncle Matt and my cousin Jake enjoying a canoe ride downstream!


Adam and my dad claiming some Texas land as their own.  Can you make out the names?


Adam and I trying out a little canoe action ourselves. 


We just thought it was the coolest yelling back and forth between the two states.


Adam then decided we hadn’t done enough and wanted to try canoeing upstream where two different currents came together….  we got worn out pretty quick, to say the least…


Matt and Jake coming back in.


My aunt and uncle just bought an amazing camp right on the Sabine River.  So, after our Good Friday fun, we got up Satuday morning and headed up to meet the rest of the family.  We had an awesome time, although Saturday did bring some crazy icey weather.  And, although our camper leaked during the sleet, the camper didn’t have a heater, and we slept a mere 3 hours Saturday night, we still had a great weekend.  lol  😛  And Easter Sunday was just gorgeous.


Colleen & David


Man, am I behind on blogging or what?!  The past week and a half just killed me!  With Easter celebrations and then seniors galore during their Spring Break, then another wedding this past weekend, I’m pooped!

So, I’ve been waiting since the 31st to create and post Colleen and David’s wedding collage!  They had a gorgeous wedding in Slidell.  Although the weather had posed as a huge threat for an outside reception, it amazingly held out for it!  We did have a downpour right before the ceremony begun, but sure enough, the rain clouds had passed by the end of the ceremony, which left this amazing blue sky above the church.  (You can see it in the collage!)

My new assistant and great friend, Katie, and I left our hotel and met the girls at the bride’s home that afternoon, which was also the reception area.  Although the ceremony was held traditionally in a beautiful church, the reception was quite unique!  Colleen’s family all owns property that comes together in this one area, which has tennis courts, a swimming pool, a screened in patio, and even girl/boy shower/restrooms area.  It’s so cool!  It just looks the families came together and decided to create a recreation area for everyone to enjoy.  And that’s just where this reception took place… above the tennis courts and under lots of white tents, thousands of lights, and the stars above. 

This family is obviously close, which I loved.  Colleen’s family has this tradition going, coined the “Burton Bounce”.  It is a ritual that occurs at almost any major family gathering and includes the official “Burton Belt”, modeled by Colleen’s brother in the collage above, and a distinctive bounce that is done by the entire Burton family.  When interviewing one of the Burton Brothers, who had the honor of wearing the Belt for the night, I found out that the song was voted on by all family members at Christmas time and his song won.  The belt is then loaned to the winner to be worn during the Bounce as a sort of trophy.  🙂  After capturing this halarious act, I asked all Bouncers to give me their best Burton Bounce for a picture.  If you notice above, the Burton Brother donning the Belt actually had THE highest Bounce, too!

To wrap it up, Katie and I had an awesome time, the food was amazing, the night was beautiful, and the bride was gorgeous.  Congrats, you two!  Thanks for such a fun weekend!












While I finished cramming all of my seniors’ proofs online in time for invitations, I thought I’d hurry up and blog one of them!  Meet Ethan from the big J.B.!  (Johnson Bayou)  He’s such an awesome person.  I first met Ethan a few years back when I was hired to take the pictures for his school’s homecoming and prom.  I just fell in love with that little school on the beach and distantly kept in touch with a few of the kids from there.

Ethan brought some of the coolest things for his session, like his acoustic guitar and baseball uniform.  I just LOVE when seniors incorporate their own personal things into their pictures.  It may take a little extra effort now, but five, ten, and twenty years later, they’ll be glad they did it!  Thanks for another great session, Ethan!


Response to Ashley

Ashley is a previous client of mine, who hired me to shoot her and her husband’s wedding a few years back.  Ashley and I quietly remain in touch via email with halarious forwarded jokes, stories, etc.  She has commented before, which I love, but for some reason, part of this last comment stuck with me today.

You can click below on the post, “Macie” to view Ashely’s original comment, which had me responding through another comment for Macie.  However, when I realized I was starting to go off on a tangent, I thought I’d probably better just post my response.  So here it is!

Ashley’s sweet comment:  “You can get such good things from people.”

Thank you both (Ashely and Heather) for your comments.  I truly strive to get “good things” from people…  I feel that’s what I wake up everyday and strive to do, but I never really thought of it that way.  In a sense, what kind of photographer would I be if I did not truly strive to bring out the very best in people, so that I can document just that?  In such an extremely hectic season for photography (weddings, bridals, seniors, children, etc.), I’ve become very overwhelmed with all the paperwork, lab trips, archiving, battery recharging, etc.  What a perfect time for such a comment…  one that has stopped me for just a moment to realize and be reminded of my job?  …of the career that I set out to build three years ago?  Three years ago, this business began as a project.  Something to almost “amuse me” while I was attending McNeese.  Within an amazingly short period of time, Through the Lens Photography blossomed and continued to grow.  Thanks to so many wonderful people that believed and trusted their moments with me, I was able to continue to grow along with the business, to become a better photographer, businessman, entrepreneur, and person.  I feel that I owe a massive part of who I am today and where I am to the business that is Through the Lens.

So, as I digress down a very short memory lane that is my business and career, I would like to take this moment to say thank you to everyone who is here, reading these posts, viewing the latest sessions and happenings.  It is because of every one of YOU that we are here, and that I am capturing your family, your children, and your bride’s portraits.  I absolutely love my career.  But I would not have it without you.

And, come to think of it, I do not think I would be the professional photographer that I am if I couldn’t “get the good things” from people.  Compassion is what I strive to capture.   

So Ashley, thank you for your comment!  THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to take in your words, forget about the details, and remember what I am in this world to do…  “get the good things from people”.










I think the pretty pink nail polish just makes this image!


I just love this expression!



Isn’t Macie just gorgeous in her Easter dress?!  I’ve photographed Macie twice in the past year, and I’ve enjoyed watching her grow so much!  Heather and I were laughing about how hard Macie always makes me work… let’s just say that Macie doesn’t warm up to just anyone…  You really have to gain her trust and let her just do her own thing!  But this being our third session together, I think I’ve graduated to an old friend of mommies that comes around occasionally with a big camera! 

Macie is another great example, as are most children’s sessions… that you can dream up anything for your session, but only the subject can determine the final product.  Macie has always been such a pleasure to shoot and we had another amazing session last week.  I always try to explain to mothers that the children photograph best within the first fifteen minutes.  Unlike any other session, where the couple, bride, family, photographer :), etc. need time to warm up, kids are totally different!  Within that initial time, you either get the shots, or you don’t! 

The dress Heather chose for this year’s Spring “ensemble” was just gorgeous!  It reminds me of the dresses I’ve seen pictures of myself in when I was her age.  They’re just so hard to come by now… Heather said she searched far and near and finally found the perfect one… with the beautiful bow and precious white shoes to match.  As you can see, I also brought along a few little present for Macie.  When asked when these eggs were going to hatch, I told her the magic would happen on Easter Sunday.  I just hope she’s not looking for a couple baby birds next time she sees me.  🙂

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