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07 got a face lift!


I’m really excited!  I was out of the office from Wednesday afternoon through til Thursday night and I received an email while I was gone that my requests were fulfilled! 

A few months ago when this talented guy, David with Pro Sign Effex (ph:  337-377-7309), created my new logo, I fell in love with this tourquoise color that complimented the black of the writing and silver of the butterfly emblem.  I then decided to wanted to “re-vamp” my site to match my new design, but never got around to doing so until recently. 

So… along with some fresh new images, the colors and adjustments (menu bar reduced, and moved below the window, b/g color changed, etc.) have been done!  Over the next few days, I’ll still be updating some of the areas, but as of now, the children’s section and engagement section have been done.  The wedding area has a few new images, but many many more to come!  The bridal section will slowly be re-done as well, but I have tons of images that cannot be officially posted until after their big day!  (Blog posting has been approved by all brides!)

To finalize this post (that was supposed to be rather short), I wanted to give directions to anyone who is not able to view these new changes.  I use Windows Vista, but this same action should apply to all versions of Firefox, regardless of your Windows program…

**If the website does not look exactly as it does above, please do this quick and easy action and it will be fixed!**  (Internet Explorer uploaded the new site easily, but I primarily use Firefox and the “cache” had to be cleared.  The cache is like history… it remembers where you went and may not let you load all of the new settings…)

On the Firefox toolbar, find “Tools”.  Click on “Clear Private Data”.


Uncheck all boxes except “Cache”.  Hit “Clear Private Data Now”.


Re-open the website and voila!  It should be fixed!

ONE last thing…  I’ve had a lot of clients ask me lately, “What is the name of your song on your site?  How did you find it?” 

The song is “Ordinary Miracle” by Sarah McLauchlan. 

It’s off the soundtrack of “Charolette’s Web”.

My mom found it off of XM Radio, heard it many times, but finally listened to words just once and couldn’t stop thinking about it.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  If you have a minute, and haven’t done so already, refresh the site, turn up the volume, and listen to the words.  I couldn’t imagine displaying my images with a more beautiful song.

Have a great weekend.  🙂


The Helton Family

a.k.a. – The Circle H Racing Team. 


I got to see an awesome burnout!


Meet the gang… Mom, Dad, Jessica, and Trevor.




The kids… all three of them.  🙂



I love this shot of the tires…  you can really see just how wide the slicks are.



“G-ma” decided to jump in for a few family shots as well…



One of Jessica’s shots.


Then the great guitarist, Trevor.






G-ma and her favorite grandkids.


And, to wrap up the afternoon, I suggested ending on a few three-generation shots…2655rh-w.jpg


Okay, so I’ve really had a lot of favorites lately….  My current blogging space is going to run out pretty fast!  🙂

Mrs. Rhonda Helton (pictured above at right) and I have been working on getting this “crew” together since last fall!  Due to many re-scheduled attempts with our rainy seasons, we lost touch in the midst of the holidays trying to set up a new session time.  Well, we were finally able to schedule our portraits on a dry day and man, was it fun!

To all who are not familiar with my husband and I’s facination with cars, Nascar, and really anything with big tires and a motor, just know that this was the perfect family session for me!  The Helton’s drove up in a big dooley truck pulling a large trailer, which, held Mr. Helton’s baby… his bright blue quarter-mile  S-10 dragster.  I’m trying not to sound like too big of a geek, but when he started that thing up, my heart skipped a beat.  It reminded me of being at the big races where you can feel the power of the engines in your chest…  It was awesome!  He pulled it around for one shot, then moved it, doing a huge burnout in the process.  Being only a few feet from the truck, I was blown away….  I told Mrs. Helton (as sad as this is) that it literally took my breath away!  lol  (Adam would be saying “What a nerd.”)

I do have to say that this truck has raced all over the place… they even got a plaque from the awesome Speed show, “Pinks”, as the Circle H team was next in line if a contestant had problems or couldn’t race…  Their truck in that picture is almost vertical taking off for their qualifying!

Anyway, it was an amazing session.  I feel like I was the perfect photographer for the job of photographing the Circle H team (aka- the fam) and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more! 

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