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Jaime & Derek

The afternoon of Jaime’s session, it was gorgeous!  The sun was just perfect & it finally set in:  It’s fall!!!  My FAVORITE time of the year!  The sun is perfect, warm, & cozy, with just enough chill at night to snuggle up in a good blanket, the humidity hides away for a little while, & cute couples come to me for their pictures!   :o)

Jaime has already been the coolest chick, with Derek being such a great guy, putting up with all of my crazy ideas.  (Thanks again, Derek!)  I finally got to meet these two for the first time the day of their session.  Jaime was cool enough to reserve her date & book me right over the phone & through the site! 

Congrats, you two!  I can’t wait for your AMAZING Jasper wedding, coming in June! 

P.S.- Your gallery is up, too!  Email or call with any questions.    🙂





I noticed Jaime’s new Nano in her car & she showed me the sweet detail Derek added when he gave it to her a few months ago.  🙂







Coming soon…

SOOO much happening, not NEAR enough time!

To update some of my patient bloggers, here’s what coming soon here at the blog:

– Another post (or two?) of Hydee & Ryan’s big day

– A sneak peek at some of Jaime & Derek’s awesome engagements

– Latosha’s bridal session

– (Would LOVE to go back & post more from Santana’s bridal session that was such a great success & tons of fun – as always!)

– More precious shots of little Wyatt

– A quick introduction of my “new girl”, Kristan, who started this past Monday!

– At least one image of the new gallery wall completed.  (Only two hangings away from completion!)

– (Hopefully) a little bit from our vacation, which was really great!  Slow paced, computer & internet free (at Adam’s request), and just what I had needed.  🙂

– Future posts to stay tuned for?  TONS!  With sessions & working virtually 7 days a week right now, lots is to come, including some children, engagement, wedding, & more!


Album Assembly Update



For visual strength (lol), I thought I’d add two detail images of some of the ultra-awesome albums available here at LJP.  Feel free to set up a consultation if you’d like to drool over these babies in person…!   :OP

Current albums in progress (ready for approval & assembly within the next 3 weeks):

– Amanda Keating

– Alonna Ardoin

– Lindsey Durio

– Erika Carlisle

To start on soon:  Keisha Barnett

Album waiting to come in:  (ANY day now..!)  Stacey Guilbeaux   In & delivered!  🙂

Album delivered this past Monday:  Misty LeBlanc

I’m still in awe evertime I open the packaging when one of our creations comes in.  From the mind set I’m on the wedding day, all the way through all of the editing, post-processing, compiling, organizing & planning, until I deliver the final product, it’s just so cool to create something so custom & unique – from start to finish!  Every single little masterpeice was created with the entire day & couple in mind. 

I would like to give a quick shot out & a big THANK YOU to all of my girls for being patient with me & these album assemblies.  They ARE amazing & a big part of that, in my opinion, is contributed to the huge amount of time & devotion that I put towards them. 

Happy Thursday!


Hydee & Ryan

While working on getting these babies up, I’m finding many many favorites!  These are only from the first half of the prep shots & I’m filling up a blogpost!  Argg!  🙂

Hydee & Ryan’s wedding was full of details & special moments.  The customs & traditions of a Jewish wedding are just amazing.  I don’t think I’ve ever devoted more time & energy towards learning so much about a wedding than this one.  I think this was mainly because I became so intrigued with the bits & peices Hydee had told me throughout the past year in preparation!

Little update (until more previews come up here on the blog!):

Hydee & Ryan’s wedding gallery will be up on Sunday!  Until then, check back here for more previews to come!  If you need the password, contact the B&G.  :O)

Hydee & Ryan’s gallery update:  The entire gallery launched late Sunday night & all are up!  Kagan/Desadier family & friends:  Thank you ALL for such sweet comments & emails!  Your kind words have just made my week!  🙂  Email with any questions!  (Email located after login with gallery.)








Mother of the Groom preparing the glass for the couple.


Can you tell I had fun with the rings?!


Avid longhorns fan… the groom’s cufflinks.



Hydee & Ryan chose to see each other before the wedding, which has always been one of the most tearful, special, & intimate moments I’ve witnessed.



I LOVE this picture because the wine table was handmade by Hydee’s father just for their wedding.  With this image of Ryan’s father pouring the couples’ glasses of wine in preparation for the ceremony, it’s clear how close & beautifully supportive & loving both parents were.



Preview of the new wall!


I knew I was forgetting a big “something” when I was listing some of the crazy, yet exciting things that are coming into play right now.  And this is one big one!

The gallery wall here at the studio is having a big face lift, with tons of new images coming in!  Here is just one of the many that you will all see going up.  The rest are coming in this week & the “wall project” will be completed shortly! 


Cutest Lion!

 A very very short post from the most precious little lion, Wyatt!  Santana & I got together for his six month session (part of the “Watch the Grow” package) before I went out of town.  He DID end up waking up & we got some PRECIOUS pictures of him his six month outfit, but those will have to come later.  For now, three shots with Wyatt’s first halloween costume!




You can view previews of Wyatt’s previous Watch Them Grow sessions below:

Santana’s pregnancy portraits

Six week old Wyatt

Nine week old Wyatt (family session)


Back from Florida!

Well, we are back from our trip!  We had an amazing week!  (More details and some really cool pics to come!)

I don’t have time to talk about how great our trip was right now.  Thursday (tomorrow) I begin returning the numerious emails, phone calls, and tackling the big “to-do” lists that have been waiting for me since I left.  I promise I WILL be returning all inquiries, it may just take me more than one day to get to ya!  🙂

If I could say (quickly) one thing about our trip that made me feel old & like a work-a-holic, it would be how I felt the week before we left. 

I had a big wedding the Sunday before (the 7th), sessions every day preceding our vacation (including two less than 24 hours before we flew out), and a pile of things that had to be done ASAP (both with work & personal stuff).  Ironically, I think it took me a full week preparing to leave for only a week!  (Arranging a house sitter, washing, packing, dog sitter(s), etc.) 

Meanwhile, Adam was like a little kid, counting down the days until he was “work free” for 7 days, while I was secretly wishing I wasn’t even going!  Wishing I could just stay home and keep working instead of going on a Florida beach vacation!  (Adam says that’s definately work-a-holic symptoms… lol)  So, leaving LA in the wee hours of the morning to catch our flight in Houston for St. Petersburg, FL, I wasn’t really in any sort of vacation mood. 

But, I’m very happy to say that landing in such a gorgeous place as St Pete’s Beach by that afternoon, it finally hit me that we were on vacation!  So, I’m happy to say that we had an amazing time, an awesome 7 day trip (despite my jellyfish sting!), and I enjoyed every minute of it!

So I leave you with a picture from my phone that Adam took of me with my Starbucks in hand one morning on our way to the beach.


Until my blogging catches up on Thursday, enjoy!  (Or at least use it to scare away mice, bugs, etc.  🙂

Also:  A NOTE:

Big changes are in the mix over here!  So stay tuned!

  • My great new girl & first official associate for LJP, Mrs. Kristan Doucet, will officially be starting here this coming Monday!  With the addition of Kristan will come many great things!  I cannot express how excited I am to have her starting!  She will be like a “second set of hands” for the studio, helping with orders, online proofing & ordering, phone calls, errands, etc.  I already know once she’s in here & settled, she will make an awesome impact on studio & workflow!
  • With Kristan comes the addition of a large secondary workspace that my personal contractor (aka – Adam) has been working on!  (The studio is currently in disarray, but the aforementioned person has claimed the work should be completed within the next 24-48 hours!) 
  • A huge amount of albums have been coming & going throughout the studio lately, which has been wonderful!  However, I know there are still several that are in the works & will be coming soon for my girls that have been so very patient!  I will be scheduling album approval dates shortly.
  • Speaking of albums, I have also recently updated part of the album previews on the main site, so if you’d like to go by & check it out, feel free!  (It’s also the best place to get an idea of what some of the albums we offer are like, if you can’t swing by the studio to experience them first hand!)

There’s tons more, which I just can’t think of right now!  But lots of new things are coming soon…  🙂

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