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Thank you!!!

Funny thing happened yesterday.  My friend, Jess, called last night & ask if I said seen the Times.  Yearly, the Times runs 2 issues with “The ORIGINAL Best of Southwest Louisiana Readers Poll”, where SWLA votes on what & who they feel are the best restaurants, bands, local artists, etc.  Well….. thanks to YOU GUYS, I was voted SECOND!!!  Second ONLY to the legendary Victor Mousour!  How AWESOME is that?!  And, congrats also to Mr. Bobby Monds for placing third.  To be smashed between two great & legendary local photographers, it’s an honor.  🙂

The funniest part of this whole thing:  I had no clue I was on the ballot!  So, I didn’t even know anything about it – obviously – until a few days after it published.


It has made my weekend.  So I’m off to get ready for my wedding this afternoon.  I hope everyone is NOT working this weekend (like me) and outside enjoying the awesome weather.  (Adam’s out enjoying it without me – on an all day ride with my dad and brother-in-law down to the beach and across the coast!)


Jaime & Cody

Here’s some of my favorites from Jaime & Cody’s session.  They were both so natural in front of the camera & I’m just in love with her gorgeous cheekbones.  😉  We had a great time & battled out the heat.  (Thanks again for the water, Cody!!!)



Kinsey’s mom decided she’d like to have an afternoon “girly” session for this cute three year old.  So, we played dress up, fed ducks, & played in a fountain.   🙂

Someone is a HUGE fan of LSU Tigers.  This is ALL Kinsey wanted to wear!

Feeding ducks was actually an “improv” move by moi.  I was munching on some crackers (warding off morning sickness) while driving that way & decided to share half my bag with the birds.  🙂  Kinsey loved it.


Morgan & Danny

These two AWESOME people were married awhile back and I never blogged anything from their wedding, as well as all of the OTHER weddings I’ve had every weekend for the past THREE months!  So, don’t ask me WHY I started with theirs to blog, but I did!  Morgan decided to get ready at home before making her way to the church, which made for really great and DIFFERENT shots to begin their day with…

She is an AMAZING artist, as is Danny as well!  When bored in class or work 😉 , Morgan doddled her dress & bouquet. 

Morgan’s brothers & dad had an interesting time trying to get their ties tied.  This lasted several minutes!  🙂

Before brother #2 finally broke out the computer & found the right “technique”.

With Morgan working at Starbucks, it was only appropriate to see a few beautiful unopened bags of coffee in the kitchen.

The wedding was at St. Margaret’s Catholic Church, my favorite church to shoot at!

Danny, SO proud of his cake!





Okay, so I figured I’d “come back” with a few of my FAVORITE senior sessions from this year.  Here’s Anne, who was totally AWESOME and brought THE perfect outfits!




I’m still here! With a little news, too. ;)

Hello, faithful blog readers!  There IS a reason I’ve been sooo MIA lately.  I’ve been putting off posting anything about it here on the blog for about a month now, but I guess it’s time to go ahead and officially spill the beans…

I’m preggo!  Yep!  I found out about a month ago.  Adam and I are totally excited!  We’ve been waiting for this & yet we both can’t believe it’s really happening!  It’s really exciting, but also a WHOLE LOT more time consuming than I EVER would have imagined – I am TOTALLY & COMPLETELY exhausted and sick (with morning sickness) almost 24/7.  How hard does this make it to shoot sessions & weddings?  Lots, but I’m really do great with it.  Being a “5-cups-of-coffee-a-day” girl and used to living on only a few hours of sleep, this new “world” of sleeping 10 hours a day, with a nap in the afternoons, and NO COFFEE to help wake me up makes life interesting.  Having the need to constantly snack and/or hurl 24/7 just adds to the bittersweet comedy of being in my first trimester. 

BUT I HAVE FAITH!  Morning sickness should be over & done with right around June 1st (or so the books & doctor tells me)!  So I’m just counting down the days until then & keeping my head up high with the excitement of what’s to come this December!

So, naturally, what has suffered more than anything with a drastic change in the # of office hours I can make in a day?  THE BLOG.  Poor blog.  It’s my little side project that always makes it fun to share some of my favorite images from recent sessions, but it IS what has been neglected for the past few weeks.

So NO WORRIES!  Life is good!  And the blog WILL BE MAKING A COMEBACK within the next few days as the seniors are wrapped up & done with.  **  We’re starting on 2009 seniors within the next month or so!** 

And as I desperately try to keep up with my weddings every weekend, I have been DYING to share some of Katherine’s AMAZING bridals that we took months ago that couldn’t be shared until now!

It was a very windy day, but we made the absolute MOST of it and laughed the entire time!

My FAVORITE image:


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