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Katherine & Hahn

I am SO excited Katherine & Hahn have tied the knot!  I have been waiting for their wedding to “come around the corner” because they are definately one of my favorite couples!  Congrats, again, you two!

I’m only posting images from before the ceremony because I just can’t blog them all and these are DEFINATELY some of my favs. 

Katherine & Hahn decided to do something REALLY special:  They chose to see each other before the ceremony began.  I’ve had couples do this before and EVERY TIME it’s amazing and so special and intimate.  I was able to capture their reactions in such a unique way and they actually had a little quiet time to themselves.  AND, we were done with almost ALL of the pictures beforehand!

From the very beginning with their engagement session, and ESPECIALLY when I laid eyes on Katherine’s gorgeous gown, I felt a classic/retro twist with them.  So that explains how so many of my favorite images came to have a vintage flare. 

For starters, her AMAZING shoes that EVERYONE has complimented on:

Getting dressed

Can’t explain why, but I LOVE this image… it’s so clean with a modern twist on tightening up the corset one last time.

Hahn, waiting for his bride




Chi Chi

Introducing the many faces of seven year old Chi Chi, Erika & Brett’s pride and joy.  I got so many perfect shots, but had more fun on getting the funny ones.    😉

For Mr. Carlisle:

My absolute favorite one (when I met Chi Chi, I knew I had to get this comical angle with those ears):

Thanks, Morgan & Erika, for bringing Chi Chi and laughs!


What’s been up lately!

Man, has the past two weeks been NUTS or what?! 

My assistant, Ariel, has been gone for the past two weeks on an awesome vacation to Alaska (lucky girl 😉 & I’ve been going crazy without her.  Meanwhile, I’ve been engulfed in a commercial job that has sent me on a wild goose chase across Southwest LA, burning an insane amount of gas & hard drive space.  lol  🙂  I’ve been out of town a lot and this morning was the climax of the whole gig – I, me, aka – LINDSEY was up shooting on the Gulf at 5:30 this morning, running on four hours of sleep after sleeping on a foldout couch in an RV overnight just to “get the shot(s)” needed for the project!  Super crazy for someone who usually can’t get her feet to move before 7:30, much less have a brain fully functioning with a camera in hand.  And decaf just doesn’t ALWAYS cut it for me now.  Let’s just say I was cashing in my <200mg of caffeine/day with a regular cup of Joe by 7:30 at a Cameron cafe’.  🙂

So I shot the entire morning – from 5:30 to almost noon before breaking for lunch, rushing home & getting cleaned up for the five mini-sessions I had scheduled this afternoon.  And thus, by 4:30, I was exhausted, crashed, and woke up sick sneezing my head off.  Blah.  We’ll be out of the studio again tomorrow, but next week will slow as this project comes to a close. 

If you are STILL reading this ridiculous post (thank you, thank you to all who haven’t fallen asleep yet), I leave you with a shot from this morning.  Around 6:11 a.m. (according to, this is what happens every single morning. 

Okay, so it’s 11 and officially time to call it a day!  AND Thank you THANK you EVERYONE for your awesome comments on the Times Photographer thing.  You guys are awesome!!!  I heart comments.   😀


P.S. – To my grandparents – “Gran & Pop” – IF you happen to check my little web space and see this – I just want to give you both (AND my mom) and HUGE THANK YOU for driving that lug of a cadillac camper “down South”, only to spend 24 hours with me & my camera glued to my hands.  If the “old folks” wouldn’t have been AWESOME enough to go on such an adventure and have such a cool mobile place to stay, I honestly couldn’t say I would have been up, driving an hour from home by myself for this.  Thank you so SO much!  I love you!


Update on dates

Girls, needless to say:  2008 is booked for weddings and almost filled to capacity for sessions!  2008 Weddings have BEEN reserved, but I just never made any type of announcement.

SO – 2009 is booking fast!  Plus, with our first baby coming around the corner (December), I have decided I can’t sacrifice every weekend in ’09 the way I always have to weddings.  So I’ll only be reserving 2 weddings per month.  Somehow, June ’09 has already been completely reserved with 3 (possibly 4) weddings, so needless to say – I’m not taking any more weddings for June.

So if you KNOW your wedding date & are interested in meeting with me, email me ASAP!  (The best way is to send me an inquiry is through website.)



I had Ashley’s session a few weeks ago and we had the BEST time!  I have been waiting for her session to come around since we first talked a few months ago about it.  It was such a carefree shoot – no obligations or “goals” – she just wanted a session!  It was great.  The company & conversation was just as good.  🙂

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