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Stephanie & JD

Okay, so I know I am THE worst about posting prep shots, and never returning with the rest, but I just had to get my tummy off the top of the blog.  😉  It’d been up long enough!  lol

So Stephanie & JD were married about two weeks ago and, although they’ve already seen all of the images through their gallery, I still wanted to post some of my favorites….


These little ball bouquets are so cute!  I love it when the girls order these for the little ones.

I posted this one below just because I cannot get over how GORGEOUS their dresses were with the sashes & bouquets.  Steph – if you’re reading this, please leave me a comment and tell me who did your flowers!  But, to me it’s not the flowers that make it so pretty; it’s Stephanie’s color choices and AWESOME taste with that combination.  🙂


A Preggo Update (please skip if u don’t want to get bored. :)

I just wanted to give the blog a personal update with the whole “baby thing.”  😉 

So I’m now about one week shy of five months and funny small things are becoming harder by the week (like crossing my legs, bending over, and wearing anything BUT preg clothes)!

  This most definately being my FIRST time around THIS block, I still find this whole pregnancy thing funny and weird.  You can ask Ariel – every day I’m sharing something funny or dumb that’s happening.  My good buddy, Christina, said she was diagnosed with “Baby Brain” when she was pregnant – which she defines as “a feeling of completely loosing your mind and always confusing yourself or others”.  I, too, think I have this “Baby Brain” – I totally forget what I’m talking about halfway through a sentence, I can’t rely on ME for directions (thank goodness for a Garmin!), and basically anything else that’s common sense was just thrown out the window a few months back.  My EYESIGHT has even changed!  Weird, this stuff.

Okay, so for those of you who HAVEN’T fallen asleep yet… I have news!  Last week, Adam and I had a sonogram that clearly showed us we’re having a boy!!!  We’re totally stoked and I couldn’t be happier to get started on his room.  We have some names picked, but we’re waiting before we spill the name just yet – you know – things change and who knows WHAT name will be there waiting for him when December arrives! 

Well, being almost midnight now, I’m heading for bed!  I just wanted to give a quick update and suckered Adam into taking a quick pic to post.  😉  Good night!


Katie & Bryan (Part 1)

I can’t write much right now – today is “Dr. Perry Day” here at the studio, so I’m about to start back-to-back 1/2 hour sessions for the rest of the day.  I just realized the other day that since October of last year, I have donated over ONE HUNDRED 8×10 prints and sessions!  Dang.  Cool, eh?  (These are sessions and portraits donated by the studio to all patients of Dr. Paul Perry who receive this cool gift when they’re braces come off!)

Okay, so here’s the scoop with this GORGEOUS wedding…

Katie’s family owns Joseph’s Lighting in Lake Charles, so NEEDLESS to say, the lighting at their home was something I FELL in love with.  I had forgotten this when we first got there and her dad was walking through the house with us.  I noticed how AWESOME their spot lighting in the hallway was and how much I loved their recessed lighting throughout the rooms.  I commented on it.  He was just like, “Thanks”.  (He was probably thinking “DUH!  Of COURSE I have good lighting.  Crazy girl.”  lol)

Cakes:  A Peice of Cake

Flowers:  Paradise Florist

Gown:  Suki’s bridal

Church:  Immaculate Conception Cathedral

Reception:  Prien Lake Park

Getting dressed…

The flower girls’ gorgeous little flower balls

The groom, Mr. Bryan

The guys giving me some “Blue Steel”.  Love it.

Check back – wedding and reception will have to wait for now, but will be coming soon!


Lab Down eeek!

Yeah, so my pro lab has been down for quite some time now… over a week and still counting.

Meanwhile, the entire week before, I was out of the studio for our yearly summer vacation.  So, about TWO weeks worth of orders are STILL delayed and caught up in this “mess” and I’m wanting to pull my hair out. 

BUT my lab is AWESOME and I never stop bragging on them.  Their customer service is unreal, their colors and prints are gorgeous, and their products are awesome.  So, it’s just a “glitch” that they’ve been working non-stop at repairing and they are supposed to call ASAP when everything’s up and running again.

Please be patient!  If you’re order was to arrive anywhere from two weeks ago until now, it’s not ready and should be ready next week!  I will call or email with everything as soon as they’re up and running again and have completed all of our outstanding orders.


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