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Goodbye for now

Okay, so it’s Saturday evening… on the Eve of Gustav.

I just finished shooting Tara & Eric’s amazing wedding this afternoon.  My heart has hurt for them and their big day since Thursday, but there wasn’t reason – their day was still beautiful and amazing.  Yes, they did have guests – several, in fact!  So despite many tears and stress beforehand, I truly think today was still everything they’d imagined it to be.

As of now, even with evacuations in place and SWLA starting to look more like a ghost town by the hour, I have a wedding in Liberty, Texas next weekend.  Ariel and her family have left for Austin, while we’ll be leaving tomorrow for Rusk, Texas, a little town in between Dallas & Shreveport.

If you curious to know how back ups and evacuations are handled with my terabytes of images – they’re okay!  We’ve always taken the means to backup and archive everything three times on three different types of media.  While I cannot take the hundreds of DVDs I have, I AM taking my tower, as well as all of my hard drives, including the “big boys” that have archived everything for 2007 and 2008.

So, everyone, be safe!  Take care.  And I’m sure we’ll all be back within a week working on getting back to a normal life!  🙂



Another session from “Tiny Kid Week”!

There isn’t too many other sessions that I can love more than one like this one.  Ariel & I took a little road trip one afternoon to Nederland to meet Stella and her family and celebrate her SECOND birthday with a session all her own.  “All her own” meaning this was Stella’s day – her birthday and her session at her place!  It was so much fun.

Thank you, Christy, for opening your home to us!  🙂

LOVE those pigtails & bows.

Hanging out in Mom & Dad’s bed

Thank you, Keely, for the referral!!


Olivia is one!

One of my many PRECIOUS kids from “Tiny Kid Week”!

I LOVE that name, Olivia!  🙂

Thank you, Laurie, for taking the time to drive ALL THE WAY in from Katy, Texas for Olivia’s session!!!


Yay for Loree! (and little Bailee, too!)

I’m putting up this post from my laptop on the couch with my feet kicked up for the night.  (The dishes from dinner can wait until tomorrow!)

I know my logo isn’t even on this image – I just happened to have it on my laptop while thinking of Mrs. Gabbard and wanted to share.  Poor Loree has been waiting and WAITING for Bailee to come for the past few weeks and finally, she’s coming this Tuesday morning!!!  She’s been sending out updates via texts to us for the past week because we all keep thinking, “It’s finally time!” and so I couldn’t have been more excited to get her latest one today.

About two weeks ago, we got together for  a maternity session, so I thought I’d share one of my favorites tonight as we all await this little girl’s arrival.  🙂


a few announcements! :)

I know this is (again) another BORING post – so sorry guys!  (I have MILLIONS of awesome sessions to come on the blog.) 

– This week was “TINY KID WEEK” (thought of the name myself  wink wink  😉  ) and Ariel and I got our share of precious babies and toddlers!  (Note to add:  Tiny Kids of Tiny Kid Week were not affiliated with each other or any kind of promotional week – it just happened to be a week of photographing small people!)

– Yesterday was also our monthly “DR. PERRY DAY” here at the studio, so yesterday was full of tweens & teens with gorgeous smiles, which I always have fun and experiment with a little.  😀

– Our September DR. PERRY DAY is already booking fast – only three spots left!  Date:  THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 18TH.  So if you’ve received your card for your FREE session & FREE 8×10 from me, please call ASAP!  (We only reserve one date per month for these sessions and they book up fast!  Plus, with my maternity leave coming up at the end of October, we only have this September date and one more in October for the rest of 2008!!!  All others will have to be scheduled for when I return in February.)

And the FINAL announcement is just a REMINDER for 2008 sessions:  We only have a few dates left for sessions in 2008!  Same as above, with my leave coming at the end of October, this only leaves us with sessions through the months of August, September, and October, most of which are already filled.

Available date for reserving a session in 2008 are:

(all are weekdays – weekends are already reserved)

* 9/4      * 9/11 (p.m. only)      * 9/16      * 9/23     * 9/25     * 9/30     * 10/2      * 10/7

Also, due to a few weird & random cancellations we’ve been having lately, we are requiring a non-refundable deposit of $100 (applied to your session) to reserve your session.  Sorry guys!  The good news?  You’ll have a $100 credit towards your session & prints when we get together to shoot!  🙂  (Yes, there is exceptions to this – i.e. – weather, family emergencies, etc.)


– Update (Aug 19) –

* 9/9 a.m. only is also still open

* 9/11 no longer available (a.m. or p.m.)

* 10/7 morning only (p.m. is reserved)


A quick note about this whole pregnancy thing…

(I may just start a new blog category called “boring laniappe” and file all weird posts under there from now on… 😉 )

So, I’ve been sitting here trying to finish up an album design, go live with a few galleries, AND edit a little before heading out to Nederland, Tx for a session this afternoon.  But how the HECK do you pregnant people work with an active baby?! 

I know this is a WEIRD post, but I just had to stop for a sec and see if anyone else out there gets completely distracted when all you feel is kicks and bumps?!  It’s the weirdest thing – to just ignore it and keep working is SO hard!  I told Ariel – it’s like someone has been knocking on the door for 30 minutes and no one acknowledges it.  lol  And for ADD peeps like myself – it makes it even harder!!!  What’s even weirder AND cool is looking down and SEEING your tummy move and jump (which is happening right this second)!!!  I wanted Adam and I to get a video camera we’ve been looking at come November for his birthday, but as I was laying in bed last night, trying to WILL little Parker (yes, that’s our name!) to go to sleep, I was thinking we should get it now so I can make MILLIONS of boring-for-everyone-else-but-awesome-for-me videos of my tummy moving and kicking around.  😀  lol

Okay, so I’m going back to work now… Parker still moving and kicking (or punching?) away.  But, with everyone who is preggo out there (or was just preggo recently) – are y’all “fighting” this battle as well?  The battle against work and funny tummy distractions?


Meagan & Max (and Miller, too!)

We got together in June for their e-session and had a blast!  We hung out at Max’s parent’s camp, which made enduring the humidity of being on the Coast a lot easier!  And, for Meagan, Max, AND Miller’s sake, I’d like to give a huge THANK YOU to Andrea – Max’s sister – for making the trip with us to help out with the very active 1 year old!  🙂

We started the session with just the two of them.

Meet THE cutest little boy ever!  I’d like to place my order for one just like him!  ;P

with Mommy

We then headed to beach…

I had Max swinging Miller all over the place, and then at the END of our session, he told me he’d just had heart surgery only a few weeks before!!!  I TOTALLY freaked and fussed and apologized (all at the same time) and Max just laughed and said he was comfortable the whole time.

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