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Introducing our little boy!


Here’s one peak at our precious little PB&J!  (Parker Bryce Janies)

He was born last Tuesday, the 2nd at 12:55.  He weighed a whopping 8 lbs 7 oz and he was TEN days earlier than his due date!  Everything couldn’t have gone better for his delivery and he had so many “fans” at the hospital awaiting his arrival – about 27 is what we counted!

Here is the proud Dad and Mom in the parking lot, as we headed in to get ready Tuesday morning!


And a funny one when Adam got ahold of a stethascope right before we went in.  Please note:  Pictured here, I’m pumped with 2 IVs full of fluid, so please excuse the “fullness”!     😉


Adam showing his dad his grandson.  Check out his shirt – we had about 15 of these made with everyone’s name/label on the back.  Bill’s is “Pa Paw”.  🙂   Ariel was awesome enough to make this shirt for me and gave it to me at the baby shower.  Within weeks, family wanted one, too!


And Parker’s introduction to Darby, who had been WAITING for him to come.  She has been talking about all the things they’ll do together and how much fun they’ll have for the past few months.  So cute!



Proud Daddy.   🙂


Thank you, “Nana”, for the all of the awesome pictures.  I think my mom-in-law did a pretty awesome job with her camera!

Due to the “roughness” and chaos of the past week and a half, there aren’t many pictures of me up here, I know.  But, anyone else who has given birth and knows about recovery can relate, I’m sure.  🙂  It’s amazing how simple things like blow drying your hair, putting on makeup, and working to not look as dead and sleep deprived as you really are becomes umimportant. 

I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to post, but time is SO PRECIOUS right now, it seems eating, bathing, napping, and feeding have (of course) taken top priority over everything else!    A full night’s sleep and clean daipers are what we’re wishing for for Christmas this year.  🙂  And Parker’s personality?  Amazing!  He is perfect.  Sleeps so well, only cries when cold wipes touch his booty, and can eat like it’s nobody’s business!  And between Adam and my mom, sanity has made an appearance in our house, but only briefly!  This new life is amazing, scary, awesome, and exciting.  Who knew how much you can fall completely in love with the tiniest little bundle!

And lastly, I would love to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has sent emails, left comments here, and phone calls wishing us the best right now.  Although I realize my studio is a wing of our home, I still haven’t had time to do ANYTHING work related yet.  But, after having two weeks off of work (which has definately been needed to try and get used to not sleeping and still being human), Adam will be back working on Monday and I’ll try to get in the studio for a few minutes to answer any messages or emails that have accumulated over the past two weeks.

Thanks again.  🙂


Okay, so I’m out! (Or Parker will be, at least) :)

It’s Monday night, on the eve of Parker’s birth!  I’m having a scheduled C-section tomorrow (Tuesday) and that why everything with his birth date has been so “matter of fact”.  It’s for medical reasons (of mine).  Nothing serious!  Just a precaution, but it’s made these past weeks the biggest/longest countdown ever!  🙂

But I’m officially out on maternity now.  I had day dreamed of all this extra time and days of laying around in the hammock, watching the fall leaves blow off our big oaks, daydreaming about our little boy… 

Well, although I did get some time like that (a few mere minutes/hours total), I didn’t have near the extra time I thought I would!  I also just “knew” I would have caught up on all of my blog posts of the amazing weddings and other sessions I had this fall that never had the chance to go up.  But, time just flew by!  As this entire pregnancy has! 

We now have the carseat in the 300, the co-sleeper attached to the bed, the clothes smelling of Dreft, and the house ready for its new addition.  We also had Thanksgiving here last Thursday – with a whopping 50 family members (and a jumpy thing for the kids – and Adam).  I’m also proud to say I’ve finished my Christmas Shopping this past weekend, which I knew I had to do knowing I’d be pre-occupied and down for the next few weeks.  Lastly, Adam and I picked out our tree and got it up and decorated, as well as the outside lights (and motorcycle Santa) in the yard.  And finally, after a very busy Saturday, we even had the time to lay around on Sunday for a little while, then head to the movies for our last night out (for a few weeks) to watch “Twilight”, which was very good!  Whew!

So guys, I plan on not being gone from here too long, but returning in about a week with a picture of the boy to post!  We’re so excited and we can’t wait!

Meanwhile, Ariel is working on wrapping up her fall semester at McNeese with finals next week.  Although she will be in the studio, it will not be everyday.  I know this week she’ll be in this Wednesday, 12:00 to 5:30 and this Friday, 10:30 to 5:30.  We have one more shipment of prints we’re expecting in tomorrow (Tuesday) that she will work on breaking down and making calls for pick-up/shipping on Wednesday.  That will be it for 2008 and we will probably arrange dates for pick up for next week and then call it a year!  Christmas is around the corner!  Man, how fast a year goes by….    🙂

Wish me luck!  I’ll be a mommy by Tuesday afternoon!  Eeek!

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