I’m here! And working a little bit, too.

Hello, all!  If you’re still checking my blog after me leaving you hanging this long, THANK YOU!

I have two cute pictures to share from Christmas, but before that, I just wanted to announce that I’m working two days a week right now (that’s all I have a sitter for ’til March 1).

We are having a lot of consultations right now with brides about their upcoming weddings, so I suggest you give us a call  or shoot us an email if you’re interested in any dates for 2009 (and the beginning of 2010)!  But Mondays and Wednesdays are about all I can do right now.  🙂 

Ariel, though, unlike me, is clocking in 3-4 days a week, so she is there to answer the phones and keep up with emails.  I heart her.  😉

Okay, so I’m going to share these two precious pictures of the boy from a few days before Christmas.  I thought I would be sharing these, then loading new, more current ones right behind them.  Because he has changed SOOOO much so fast!  But then I realized what a terrible mom I’ve been – I don’t have any current pictures to post!

I’ve been extremely fortunate – between Adam, my mom, the holidays, and family, I had someone hanging out with us and helping me keep up with “the boy” and sleep for the first 4 weeks – every day!  Wow.  It has been so nice to have him right before the holidays!  So when everyone returned to work and I was “weened” from The Help, life got a little more crazy and there have been a few more days of messy hair and tiny sleep schedules, resulting in less “play time” for Mom.  😦  But don’t worry – I’m in Mom Heaven.  A new place I’m being inducted into where things like long showers, sit down meals, and clean shirts become a thing of the past; but I couldn’t be happier! And I know new Moms will agree!  There’s a new passion and love I have for my little boy that I never knew existed… a love that unlike anything else.  And staying home with him is priceless.  And just when that 4:00 a.m. shift kicks in and you’re just about to get aggravated (because there is NO REASON he shouldn’t have slept for another hour … lol), he gives me a smile and it makes it all worth it! 

And so, here’s my little boy on Santa’s lap at two weeks old.  So cute!  And props to Mall Santa for looking so authentic!  😉


And, at 18 days old.  I just love this picture…


… but he is a little chunk now!  Soon after Christmas, Parker began filling out, so I’ll have to get him in the studio and update the blog again soon!

And lastly, THANK YOU THANK YOU to everybody who has left me such sweet comments on Parker’s arrival!  I have enjoyed hearing from all of you and I just LOVE seeing everyone who is stopping by my little peice of the internet.  🙂  Really, guys, thanks again!  Keep ’em coming and have a great Tuesday!  🙂


1 Response to “I’m here! And working a little bit, too.”

  1. 1 Katherine
    January 14, 2009 at 5:41 pm

    I’m so glad to hear you are surving “Mommy”hood well! Your little man is so precious 🙂 Can’t wait to see more pics.

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