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Parker’s first cold

The past week and a half has been a mess!  Last week, I was really sick – nasty cough, cold, the whole bit.  It got so bad I lost my voice for two days and sounded like a chainsmoker for about 4 more.  I was miserable.  But, thanks to a steroid shot and $115 worth of medicine (after insurance – stupid worthless stuff), I started feeling better just in time for Adam and I to leave for Houston last Saturday.  (We went to the motocross races and a car show – woot!)

It was the first time I’d left “the boy” for longer than a dinner date.  Before we even got to Beaumont, I was missing him.  This mom thing… it’s pretty awesome.  I would have never thought in a million years one could have such an AMAZING love for a baby! 

Sunday we got in around 6 to find that his little sneezes he woke up with Saturday had turned into a constant cough and congestion.  So, after finding out Monday that it’s just a regular cold (that can’t really be treated), we’ve been fighting a little miserable two month old all week.  Poor baby – he can’t sleep, has a hard time eating (because he can’t breathe), and he doesn’t want to do anything but be held.  (I think my left bicep is a little bigger today than it was a week ago.)

At the end of the day on Tuesday, when nothing seemed to make him happy, Adam took him and disappeared.  A few minutes later, when I realized that his cries had subsided, I found them in Adam’s NASCAR room.  (This is a “sacred” little room Adam has that’s filled with a decade’s worth of collecting.  It’s his pride & joy.  Weird, I know, but kinda cool if you’ve ever seen it!)  I walked in to see him quietly staring at everything.  This was the first time he’d seen “The Room” and they spent a good 20 minutes in there walking around and Adam showing him all of the cars and collections until Parker started drifting off to sleep.

Here’s a picture below – his little expression is so cute!  As he tried to take everything in, he just looked around with that very serious, intent face, sometimes getting so excited, he’d start kicking and jumping around. 


So today, Thursday, is Day Four of PB&J’s cold.  His little frog humidifier has been running next to his crib for days now, and just hearing the sound of the blue “booger sucker-upper” makes Parker cringe.  But, there is hope!  Last night we actually got about 5 combined hours of sleep (the past nights were about 3 for me) and he’s not coughing as hard as he has been.  So, I’m hoping by Sunday he’ll be cleared up!  (Please, Lord.)   🙂

And, in case you’re curious, he’s now 8 weeks old and a whopping 12 lbs 4 oz; feels like 20.   😉  He’s been smiling since he was three weeks old, and coos and “talks” so much.  He at that stage where he smiles everytime you smile at him.  I love it.


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