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Parker update!

When everyone told me the infamous line, “They grow up so fast”, I believed them!  But NEVER thought it would happen this fast!  I came across his little onsie he wore in the hospital and couldn’t believe he was that tiny only a few months ago!  😦  My big boy.

We’re heading out the door to go clothes shopping for “Mommy”.  😐  Not very excited.  (It always seems exciting and fun when you think about it, but once you’re in the dressing room with one hook full of 15 things that look TERRIBLE, and another empty “thumbs up” hook, you realize this stinks!)  Well, I’ve lost an amazing TWENTY FOUR POUNDS since February.  Everyone “claimed” you couldn’t even TELL I was at 160 then, but I definately could!  I gained a whopping 50 total lbs from being preggo, and thankfully I’m only 7 pounds away from my original pre-preggo weight!  So, with Adam and I spending a week in NYC (leaving in SEVEN DAYS – omg.), I knew I’ve put off clothes shopping long enough.  Today’s the day.  :\

And just incase you forgot how tiny “da boy” was, here’s a reminder.  (@ 18 days)


And as a bonus, I grabbed the “real” camera (instead of the iphone) last night for a few minutes to get some precious pics of “the boy” playing in his Bumbo.  He loves that thing!  And I love it too – he’ll be sitting up in no time.  🙂


Playing with a new toy him and Mommy picked out the other day.  🙂


Curious about the “clicking” sound of the shutter.  So cute.


That’s my boy.




And lastly, playing with his little piggie toy – it’s a constant goal of his to get it to the back of his mouth.  Thankfully, he has lost every time (so far)!


And lastly – do not EVER say “my living room won’t look like THAT when I have kids!”  Believe me.  You will be eating your words when your time comes.  lol  (And it’s actually pretty simple to pick up – swing and jumpy thing collapse and slide under beds and we just put all his toys in his Bumbo and cap it with the tray.  Slide that sucker right under the coffee table and VOILA!  You can see the rug again!)



Brooke + AP – engagement


Brooke & AP were AMAZING!  We had so much fun, despite my constant sniffles.  😉  Thank you, guys, for being so great and understanding with your sick little photographer that day.  🙂 

We met at a gorgeous ranch and really made the most of the beautiful weather.  The wind was a LITTLE on the STRONG side that afternoon, but the day still made for great images.

We’re out the door for a little family portrait!























Dr Perry girls

Here are a few of my favorite images from two of my Dr. Perry girls from March that slipped through the blogging cracks.  oops!  😉






By the way…

Just a note:  If you’ve called or emailed me sometime in the past week or so, or placed an order and haven’t received an invoice back yet, please know it’s not you; it’s me.  lol 

It seems like the past three weeks have just been terrible.  Three weeks ago, we experienced Parker’s first earache & sinus infection, which gave me a week straight of sleepless three-hour nights & 10 hour workdays, doctor appointments, and sticky “pink medicine” strewn all over the kitchen floor.  Only four days after that cleared up, I found myself feeling half dead with something that felt like the flu.  Unable to re-schedule anything (due to our busy schedules and the brides’ upcoming wedding dates), I never stopped shooting, which only made me worse off at the end of the day.  To make up for it, after I’d get Parker & Adam out the door in the morning, I HAD to crawl back in bed and DIE for a few more hours before getting up enough energy to shoot & work a little in the afternoons.  To make matters worse, by the time I had time to go to the doctor (Good Friday morning, how bad is that?!), I thought all I needed was some Amoxicillian and I’d be better in no time!  Well, a viral upper respiratory infection doesn’t work that way.  😐  (And I’ve already had my steroid shot the LAST time I was sick like this in Feb.)  “You’ll just have to wait it out.”, he said.  omg.

So, I stayed completely gross and miserable for NINE days, and was almost in tears Easter Sunday – I hadn’t really played with or held Parker in days in fear he’d end up with RSV.

This past Tuesday, I woke up for the first time feeling like I didn’t need a roll of tp tied around my neck.  It was finally passing.  Thank you, God.

Wednesday morning, Parker was back at the doctor for his 4 month shots (late by a few weeks due to the s.i.).  I kissed that baby so much that morning (we finally had a little mommy/baby time) and he handled his shots like a trooper – one little cry for each leg and that was it!  I brought him to daycare right after & gave him to his favorite teacher, only for her to hand him back when she found out he’d just had his vaccines.  😐  It was only 9:15 and I was already WAY passed the point of stressed out now – Ariel & I had an entire day scheduled at the downtown office with meetings & appts.  omg.  It had taken packing & organizing ’til 1:00 a.m. Tuesday night & getting up at 6 a.m. Wednesday morning for me to have everything I needed to look half decent, bring 1/2 the studio to LC, and pack up a baby, so that I could have everything I’d need to be gone ’til 6 that night.  ONLY to turn around and drive BACK in S-town to bring “the boy” to Mom for a surprise baby-sitting day.  (Thank the good Lord she was off for spring break.)

Thursday, Parker’s at daycare & I’m in Orange shooting Racheal’s amazing bridal session.  My phone kept blowing up in my back pocket halfway through the session when I finally looked down to see Tiny Steps & Adam had been calling.  Parker had 102 degree fever and needed to get to the doctor ASAP.  I cried.  With my iphone in one hand and camera in the other, and a bride & her mother standing there for their long-awaited session, I cried.  Out of guilt for not thinking to look at my phone.  Guilt for not being there for my baby.  And knowing I couldn’t leave, but had to keep shooting and trust God he would be okay.  They tried to assure me they were doing everything they could to break it – he was stripped down and they were wiping him down with cold rags until ANYONE could get there to pick him up.  I cried again.

By 7:00 Thursday night, he was in my arms & I didn’t want him out of my sight.  He’s such a good baby.  My mom said despite his high temp, he was smiling at all the nurses and the doctor.  In ONE DAY, he’d gained five ounces to hit a whopping 17 lbs!  My big boy.  Thursday night was another sleepless night, which brought on a Friday of aches for me (I think the U.R.I. is making a comeback) and Parker came to work with Mommy in the morning downtown – THANK YOU ARIEL – you are THE best.  Friday afternoon, we both napped at home and his fever finally subsided last night.

It’s been nuts.  I feel like I can’t seem to catch a break.  At THE busiest time of the year, I’m having to learn a hard lesson about FAMILY FIRST; business second.  The stress & pressures on my shoulders to keep my deadlines & orders doesn’t seem to get to me TOO badly, until I blink and it’s been a week since anything’s been fulfilled.  But in the end, it’s about the baby first; me second; work third.  It’s a hard lesson I’m just now truly learning, after SIX fulfilling years in business, but my FIRST year as a mom.

Please bear with me, everyone, as I get back on track and get the balance of life evened out once more.

Thank you, all, for listening to my rant.  🙂  More posts coming soon.


Racheal + Victor

Racheal had the *cute* idea to spend their engagement session having a picnic – something her & Victor have always done while dating!  I loved the idea.  Here’s what we created…



Check out their awesome picnic “basket”!



She brought Oreo’s with them to share.  SO cute!  Great idea, chick!  😉





Good job, Victor!  🙂






Stay tuned for Racheal’s GORGEOUS bridals – if she’ll let me blog ’em!  😉  (I haven’t asked yet.  lol )


The Baby Cottage’s new advertising/promo images!

There is a little boutique here in Sulphur that I LIVE at for Parker’s clothes, toys, our new JOGGER stroller, etc, etc. It’s a cute little children’s store and consignment shop on MaplewoodDrive that just had a complete face lift, compliments of it’s new owners, Christine & Beverle Machulski!

Being a young mom herself, Christineis having so much FUN bringing in PRECIOUS new bows, shoes, outfits, and more! My absolute FAVORITE part of the boutique: HER CONSIGNMENT CLOTHES! omg. I used to think of consignment as something I never really thought twice about purchasing, until two things occured: 1.) I had a baby and realized how friggin’ fast they grow and my $50 outfit didn’t last more than one wear(like literally – one time, PBJ grew ONE INCH in a week!) and 2.) when I found Christine’s consignment clothes – they’re in mint condition – perfect. Like, half still have tags on them. And the type of outfits they are – outfits that I just priced elsewhere brand new for $35 – with a NINE DOLLAR TAG on them. Todaymy mom came home with a Tommy Hilfiger one piece for $8.99. 😀

Since we’ve shopped at the B.C., Parker doesn’t even really wear a lot of t-shirt outfits from Wal-Mart or Target. We have tons of little coordinated shirts & overall outfits all by kissy kissy and other super soft super sweet and so SO cute one pieces. It’s just awesome to be able to buy things like that for the same price as a regular new cotton onsie. She also has on consignment little baby and toddler toys, swings, bouncies, jogger strollers, etc; really whatever her customers bring in that is up to her (very clean/”new” feel standards). The comic part of this?! That I’m kind of regretting to share my secret spot! lol 😉

So, if you’re interested in consigning – give her a call! 337-626-6020 Or stop by @ 2304 A Maplewood Drive here in Sulphur. And if you just want to shop, go by and say “hi” (and tell ’em you saw her little girl on Lindsey’s blog)!

So ANYWAY, here are some of the images Christine had me create to promote the “Cottage”. (This is part 1 of 2.) Our model: her GORGEOUS four year old, Morgan…

the cutest little cotton summer outfits…


headbands & tutus


(a consignment peice) a classic little girl’s dress (I can’t think of the name of these.. someone leave a comment if you know!) My mom dressed me in these dresses all the time…




one of my favorites – they carry a line of Pillowcase Dresses, with the matching accessories.














Stay tuned for part 2 – coming up in May!


One sneak peak…


our amazing model:  Mandy Broussard

gown:  Rene’ Ruiz (on loan through The Perfect Fit Bridal Boutique)

hair:  Kaley @ The Total Look Salon

makeup:  Lisa Andry’ @ The Total Look Salon

veil, jewelry, & tiara:  donated peices (thanks to Kaley & myself lol)

Purpose:  Promotional peice for an upcoming Bridal Fashion Show hosted by a group of sponsors & created by the ingenius “Patrick” with the Charleston Ballroom in downtown LC.  More info to come!  (Full back cover Jambalaya ad coming soon – look for it!)

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