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OUT of town ’til Saturday, the 9th

Adam and I are off to NYC tomorrow for an early 25th b-day vacation.  YAY!!!  I am WAY too pumped.  And so SO sad.  I’ll probably cry about two days into it just dying without “the boy”.  😦 

Ariel will be answering emails and manning the phone as best as she can.  Please be patient with her, as I know she’ll be working hard to keep this up, while also getting ready for her finals (end of this week)!


Dr Perry girls

Here are a few of my favorite images from two of my Dr. Perry girls from March that slipped through the blogging cracks.  oops!  😉






big news FINALLY announced!


Okay, so FINALLY I have a second to breathe (not really; PBJ’s stirring as I type…) and I can announce some exciting news:

We are expanding to a second loctation!  Yay!

Due to the crazy ideas of Miss Caraway (Ariel), we’re beginning yet another chapter to the life & story of the studio.  It’s exciting and crazy – as this is like THE busiest time EVER right now (Spring always is) and this came unexpectedly and just kind of fell into our laps.  Actually, I just KNOW it was Godsent; just a week before we found this place, we were talking about ideas & goals for the business and everything seemed so “possible”, except for one thing:  a “satellite/commercial” storefront spot.  And what to do you know, but a random Friday morning, we came across the gorgeous Charleston Hotel & decided to shop the Charleston Antique Gallery.  By Friday night, we had seen the space, spent the ENTIRE day thinking & talking about it, and decided it was what we’d been waiting for!

Now, let me clarify:  this is more or less a SATELLITE/secondary location; our Sulphur studio will turn into one large shooting & editing space, while consultations, meetings, order pickups, etc will now happen from 900 Ryan Street, Suite 100.  🙂

Does this mean even MORE work for me?  No.  It shouldn’t.  This will be (more or less) Ariel’s office and she will be logging many more hours there than myself.  (Especially with a precious four month old, I definately want to be able to do my editing from Sulphur – extra driving to LC should only be occasionally!)

So, last week, Ariel, and her sister Audrey, Audrey’s hubby Luke, and Ariel’s best bud “D” (aka – Danielle) began painting the space, while Ariel & I finished it up the next day.  (Don’t even THINK about showing me a paint brush – touch ups and trim felt like it never ended!)  Adam & I installed the lighting Saturday & Sunday morning, in between my measley THREE HOURS of sleep Parker gave me nightly (for about 4 nights) due to an earache and sinus infection.  😐  Oh yeah, and did I mention a wedding, too?  Can you say ex-haus-ted.  whew!

So, without further adieu…  here are snapshots of the painting & colors!  (since then the gallery lights have been installed)


(You’re seeing right – four blue columns admist the same green walls I’ve loved here in Sulphur.)


Thank you, Miss Caraway. 


And lastly, crazy “A” & D trying to keep more paint on the walls than themselves… 

A new loveseat as well as other small things are still on our “to-do” list, but it’s so hard clocking 50+ hours/week and trying to get something like this up and kicking.  But next week, lots of new & amazing sample images will be in & hanging as well!

Just a note:  open/office hours will still be “by appointment only” until further notice, so please still give us a call before stopping by!  🙂  Also, the phone number above (my original number when I first opened) DOES ring when you call, but there is not an answering machine or anyone on the other side (just yet), so keep using the 528.5566 for now.


-Model needed for Monday morning!-


First, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the HUGE response we’ve had for this project!  I can honestly say we are blown away at the amount of amazing girls that have inquired and offered themselves and their time for this.  AND, everyone that’s sent in information and a headshot are going into a model file Ariel’s creating for future jobs & projects.  And, although this one in particular is a non-paying project; others in the future will not be! 

Friday is just a fitting; and tonight (Thursday) I will call the 5 girls we’ve narrowed it down to & set up times to go by for a fitting tomorrow morning.  What’s hard is to remember that the gown cannot be touched or altered; being on loan from the designer, we just have to have a varied selection on body types & models to try and just see who will fit it best.  Weird, I know.  But that’s just part of the commercial “gig” – borrowing things & being really careful and making sure it gets back where it needs to be! 

**Also, one more thing:  The model is to meet with the make-up artist (Lisa Andry’ @ the Total Look) at 10:00 a.m. Monday morning, then hair right after.  Shooting will start here at our studio at or around 12 noon, then end downtown around 3.  So everyone who is still inquiring, or waiting to be responded to, please be aware that it will end up being a 6 hour day.  So sorry I didn’t mention that earlier!**

Hey guys!

I’m needing a size 4 (or possibly 6) model for a commercial bridal shoot scheduled for Monday.  If you or someone you know is available and interested, shoot me an email with your contact information, your height, & a headshot image (showing your hair, too).  **This is an AWESOME opportunity for FREE portfolio images for anyone in modeling, or if “playing” in an amazing designer wedding gown for a few hours just sounds like fun, contact us!  email:  lindseyjanies@yahoo  phone:  337.528.5566  We need to hear from you by Thursday afternoon.

You will need to be available for a fitting & quick consult with me & the bridal boutique (in Lake Charles) on Friday.  Hair & makeup appointments will be taken care of.  The perks?  Model receives all final images on disc with license agreement to use them for model promotion, printing, etc.  You must also be able to sign for a model release so our client may use these images for promotional & commercial use (of course)!


yay – Pick up a Lagniappe!

The great people over at Lagniappe Magazine called last week asking for some images I’d created while working on the CSE project last year.  I was happy to share (with a one-time use license) and a nice guy named Greg sent me the cover today.  Thank you Greg, Lagniappe, & the awesome couple that welcomed me into their home last summer to capture these great images of an amazing home.  🙂


Pick up a copy Thursday (4/2)!



The amount of AWESOME sessions and clients that I’ve had over the past two weeks is unreal!  I’m trying my HARDEST to get everyone up ASAP, so please bear with me.

Also – IF YOU’VE EMAILED ME THIS PAST WEEK AND I HAVEN’T YET RESPONDED, I am getting myself back together and WILL be calling/emailing you shortly!  PROMISE!!!  😀


Big news coming soon….

Ariel and I have a surprise for everyone.  It’s pretty awesome!  But it can’t be revealed just yet….  we will be making an announcement very soon!!!  😀

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