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Erin + Brandon

I had a blast shooting my cousin, Erin’s, wedding!  (Come to think of it, my last TWO weddings have both been “Erin”s… funny!)

This is just part one – hopefully more will come soon! 

(Just depends on how I’m feeling and how productive I will be for the rest of the day… update:  Friday morning I found out I have what’s been going around that’s so bad – a Viral upper respiratory infection.  Blah!  We’re trying hard to keep Parker from getting it – it’d be RSV for him, I think.  I still feel HORRIBLE and the Dr said you just have to “wait it out”, so that’s what I’m doing.  :|)

Anyway, back on a positive note – LOTS more to come!  Some things to come next on the blog:  1.) a sneak peak at a few from our bridal shoot we had last Monday and 2.) a peak at a few from a baby boutique’s promo we had last Tuesday!

But for now, enjoy some of these awesome shots from an amazing couple’s big day:



Green was definately part of their wedding day.  LOVE the shoes.



I caught some funny expressions of Erin throughout the day – but none of us EVER stopped laughing, so that could’ve had something to do with it!



Gorgeous flowers.


Cracks me up every time! 


Aunt Gayla lovin’ on her pup.





Meanwhile, Brandon & his guys and fam were chillin’ on the other side of town. 

B with his mom.


These guys CRACKED ME UP.  We literally laughed the entire time.  Thank you, guys, for humoring me.  😉


Lookin’ pretty slick.



fav shot of the G.



Just a few from Erin & Ike’s sweet country wedding

Ariel & I kicked off the wedding season with one of the most quaint, but special weddings.  Erin & Ike, congrats!  THANK YOU for letting us capture your special day.  I hope to meet Beastie some day, too!  😉



Cute candid shot on our way back to the reception.



Three generations.  Helping the youngest tie his tie.286-eiwed-w





The entire day was so relaxed.  I loved how everyone just let me move around and tell their story through their images.  This last one wrapped up the end of the day, as Erin & Ike went back for seconds before leaving for their honeymoon!



Happy Mardi Gras!

Happy “Fat Tuesday” everyone! 

Adam has work, but Parker and I have plans to spend the day with his “Gammi” & “PawPaw” camping on the lake!  (Same thing we did on Sunday, but we just can’t get enough of this amazing weather!!!)

Ariel and I had our first wedding this past Saturday and I wanted to pull one for the blog.  LOVE it.  This was a very small little country wedding, and the daisies that welcomed guests at the front door entrance made a perfect backdrop for their rings!


More to come soon!  Twins will be posted sometime on Tuesday, I’m sure.  Everyone have fun and BE SAFE!

And (I’m so sorry to bore you all) but I just HAD to share this picture of Parker from Sunday morning when he woke up from his nap!  He’s getting WAY too big too fast!  14 lbs 5 oz, 25″ long  (He’s had two Dr appointments within 2 1/2 weeks – grew 2 1/2″, gained 2 lbs, 1 oz, and even his HEAD grew a 1/2″!!!  Dr. Maust says he’s off the charts for his age – he’s going to be very tall just like his great Uncle Ricky and Great Grandpa Janies!  He’s in six and NINE month outfits right now.  Unbelievable.  But he’s still my little doodle.  😉



Meagan & Max (part 1)

This is a post that’s been long overdue!  I think one reason I’ve put it off is knowing how much I LOVED their capturing their day… from start to finish it was perfect, sweet, and everything I think they’d hoped for!  No, this is not the wedding I shot while Ike was hitting (that post will come later!); but a week after Ike.  Despite loosing Meagan’s prints in the midst of Ike via my lab (eeek!), she was so calm and sweet about everything and with the amazing help of Christina (thanks, chic!), I pulled a superman and had new prints overnighted and framed and ready to go by Friday.  Yay!  SO, like I said – despite everything, the day played out perfectly!  You may remember this cute family from their engagement session back in June.

Goofing off at Meagan’s

Little Miller getting dressed.  so cute!


The dresses were phenomenal.  I loved them!

And thank you, again, Andrea (gorgeous girl on Meagan’s right) for all of your help and running around (again!).  😀


Leah & Corey

So I’m finally blogging something else – and lo and behold – I’m blogging from ANOTHER hotel room and a laptop.  So once again – excuse my colors and brightness if everything doesn’t “pop” the way it usually does!  Yes, I DID get to sleep at home for two nights; we just left today in time to shop and eat in Beaumont, finish our trip, check in, and meet Leah’s family and bridal party for their rehearsal.

Just a note:  THE LOVEBUGS ARE HORRIBLE RIGHT NOW!!!  Unless you plan on being completely nocturnal and driving only at night, I’m sure you’ve noticed how bad those suckers are!  We took my mom’s charger to Austin to evacuate, and it was no longer silver by the time we got there.  And just driving a few hours this afternoon, my 300 was looking about the same.  So after the rehearsal, Ariel and I found a car wash.  🙂

Due to a few different circumstances, we were just able to get together for Leah & Corey’s engagement session last week.  And it was totally worth waiting for! 


Stephanie & JD

Okay, so I know I am THE worst about posting prep shots, and never returning with the rest, but I just had to get my tummy off the top of the blog.  😉  It’d been up long enough!  lol

So Stephanie & JD were married about two weeks ago and, although they’ve already seen all of the images through their gallery, I still wanted to post some of my favorites….


These little ball bouquets are so cute!  I love it when the girls order these for the little ones.

I posted this one below just because I cannot get over how GORGEOUS their dresses were with the sashes & bouquets.  Steph – if you’re reading this, please leave me a comment and tell me who did your flowers!  But, to me it’s not the flowers that make it so pretty; it’s Stephanie’s color choices and AWESOME taste with that combination.  🙂


Katie & Bryan (Part 1)

I can’t write much right now – today is “Dr. Perry Day” here at the studio, so I’m about to start back-to-back 1/2 hour sessions for the rest of the day.  I just realized the other day that since October of last year, I have donated over ONE HUNDRED 8×10 prints and sessions!  Dang.  Cool, eh?  (These are sessions and portraits donated by the studio to all patients of Dr. Paul Perry who receive this cool gift when they’re braces come off!)

Okay, so here’s the scoop with this GORGEOUS wedding…

Katie’s family owns Joseph’s Lighting in Lake Charles, so NEEDLESS to say, the lighting at their home was something I FELL in love with.  I had forgotten this when we first got there and her dad was walking through the house with us.  I noticed how AWESOME their spot lighting in the hallway was and how much I loved their recessed lighting throughout the rooms.  I commented on it.  He was just like, “Thanks”.  (He was probably thinking “DUH!  Of COURSE I have good lighting.  Crazy girl.”  lol)

Cakes:  A Peice of Cake

Flowers:  Paradise Florist

Gown:  Suki’s bridal

Church:  Immaculate Conception Cathedral

Reception:  Prien Lake Park

Getting dressed…

The flower girls’ gorgeous little flower balls

The groom, Mr. Bryan

The guys giving me some “Blue Steel”.  Love it.

Check back – wedding and reception will have to wait for now, but will be coming soon!

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