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The Baby Cottage’s new advertising/promo images!

There is a little boutique here in Sulphur that I LIVE at for Parker’s clothes, toys, our new JOGGER stroller, etc, etc. It’s a cute little children’s store and consignment shop on MaplewoodDrive that just had a complete face lift, compliments of it’s new owners, Christine & Beverle Machulski!

Being a young mom herself, Christineis having so much FUN bringing in PRECIOUS new bows, shoes, outfits, and more! My absolute FAVORITE part of the boutique: HER CONSIGNMENT CLOTHES! omg. I used to think of consignment as something I never really thought twice about purchasing, until two things occured: 1.) I had a baby and realized how friggin’ fast they grow and my $50 outfit didn’t last more than one wear(like literally – one time, PBJ grew ONE INCH in a week!) and 2.) when I found Christine’s consignment clothes – they’re in mint condition – perfect. Like, half still have tags on them. And the type of outfits they are – outfits that I just priced elsewhere brand new for $35 – with a NINE DOLLAR TAG on them. Todaymy mom came home with a Tommy Hilfiger one piece for $8.99. 😀

Since we’ve shopped at the B.C., Parker doesn’t even really wear a lot of t-shirt outfits from Wal-Mart or Target. We have tons of little coordinated shirts & overall outfits all by kissy kissy and other super soft super sweet and so SO cute one pieces. It’s just awesome to be able to buy things like that for the same price as a regular new cotton onsie. She also has on consignment little baby and toddler toys, swings, bouncies, jogger strollers, etc; really whatever her customers bring in that is up to her (very clean/”new” feel standards). The comic part of this?! That I’m kind of regretting to share my secret spot! lol 😉

So, if you’re interested in consigning – give her a call! 337-626-6020 Or stop by @ 2304 A Maplewood Drive here in Sulphur. And if you just want to shop, go by and say “hi” (and tell ’em you saw her little girl on Lindsey’s blog)!

So ANYWAY, here are some of the images Christine had me create to promote the “Cottage”. (This is part 1 of 2.) Our model: her GORGEOUS four year old, Morgan…

the cutest little cotton summer outfits…


headbands & tutus


(a consignment peice) a classic little girl’s dress (I can’t think of the name of these.. someone leave a comment if you know!) My mom dressed me in these dresses all the time…




one of my favorites – they carry a line of Pillowcase Dresses, with the matching accessories.














Stay tuned for part 2 – coming up in May!


One sneak peak…


our amazing model:  Mandy Broussard

gown:  Rene’ Ruiz (on loan through The Perfect Fit Bridal Boutique)

hair:  Kaley @ The Total Look Salon

makeup:  Lisa Andry’ @ The Total Look Salon

veil, jewelry, & tiara:  donated peices (thanks to Kaley & myself lol)

Purpose:  Promotional peice for an upcoming Bridal Fashion Show hosted by a group of sponsors & created by the ingenius “Patrick” with the Charleston Ballroom in downtown LC.  More info to come!  (Full back cover Jambalaya ad coming soon – look for it!)


-Model needed for Monday morning!-


First, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the HUGE response we’ve had for this project!  I can honestly say we are blown away at the amount of amazing girls that have inquired and offered themselves and their time for this.  AND, everyone that’s sent in information and a headshot are going into a model file Ariel’s creating for future jobs & projects.  And, although this one in particular is a non-paying project; others in the future will not be! 

Friday is just a fitting; and tonight (Thursday) I will call the 5 girls we’ve narrowed it down to & set up times to go by for a fitting tomorrow morning.  What’s hard is to remember that the gown cannot be touched or altered; being on loan from the designer, we just have to have a varied selection on body types & models to try and just see who will fit it best.  Weird, I know.  But that’s just part of the commercial “gig” – borrowing things & being really careful and making sure it gets back where it needs to be! 

**Also, one more thing:  The model is to meet with the make-up artist (Lisa Andry’ @ the Total Look) at 10:00 a.m. Monday morning, then hair right after.  Shooting will start here at our studio at or around 12 noon, then end downtown around 3.  So everyone who is still inquiring, or waiting to be responded to, please be aware that it will end up being a 6 hour day.  So sorry I didn’t mention that earlier!**

Hey guys!

I’m needing a size 4 (or possibly 6) model for a commercial bridal shoot scheduled for Monday.  If you or someone you know is available and interested, shoot me an email with your contact information, your height, & a headshot image (showing your hair, too).  **This is an AWESOME opportunity for FREE portfolio images for anyone in modeling, or if “playing” in an amazing designer wedding gown for a few hours just sounds like fun, contact us!  email:  lindseyjanies@yahoo  phone:  337.528.5566  We need to hear from you by Thursday afternoon.

You will need to be available for a fitting & quick consult with me & the bridal boutique (in Lake Charles) on Friday.  Hair & makeup appointments will be taken care of.  The perks?  Model receives all final images on disc with license agreement to use them for model promotion, printing, etc.  You must also be able to sign for a model release so our client may use these images for promotional & commercial use (of course)!


yay – Pick up a Lagniappe!

The great people over at Lagniappe Magazine called last week asking for some images I’d created while working on the CSE project last year.  I was happy to share (with a one-time use license) and a nice guy named Greg sent me the cover today.  Thank you Greg, Lagniappe, & the awesome couple that welcomed me into their home last summer to capture these great images of an amazing home.  🙂


Pick up a copy Thursday (4/2)!


Commercial Project coming to a close :)

The first thing I have to say about this project is how AMAZING the people are that I’ve been working with!  There is THE best group of three ladies who I’ve talked with almost daily throughout this project and when I finally had the opportunity to meet the rest of the group behind this amazing SWLA commercial project last week, they were just as great!  There’s just something about working with a good group of people that you just can’t beat.  It makes my work that much more enjoyable.   🙂  Thank you, guys!  You know who you are!  (And, soon, with the upcoming grand opening and unveiling of this “project” I can announce who is receiving all of these amazing images, taken exclusively for them. 🙂

These are just SOME of the images handed over recently, as I prepare them for printing, matting, & framing…


Magnum Project – completed!

By the request of Flavin Realty, a great company called Magnum Publications hired me for a commercial project for Lake Charles.  I was thrilled & had such an awesome time with this assignment.  For the past month, I feel like I’ve been engulfed in this project, so there IS a little relief in finally having it shipped off.  (One BIG thing finally checked off the “to-do” list.)

Flavin Realty is creating a book/magazine that will be in circulation for the next 5 years through Magnum Publications.  Who will receive them?  Newcomers and people buying & selling in the Lake Area.  The samples I’ve received of the book (created for other cities nationwide) look like it’s going to be called a “Community Guide” for Southwest Louisiana.  That’s about all I know of the project for now, but I hope that my images will help create a real impact for the area. 

And lastly- a quick (but big) THANK YOU to the people who referred this job (and EVERY other job) to me.  That is the biggest compliment to me & I appreciate it so much!  🙂

Okay, now back to editing the rest of my “to-do” list!

Sharing my favorites from the project:

















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