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Us & our boys


A few Sundays ago, we got together with some good friends of mine, Tim & Betty Evans from Orange, Texas, and FINALLY got some great pictures of Adam & I with our two great danes, Gordie and Duke.  Gordie (short for Gordan #24 lol) is the black & white one of the left & the Dukers is the old, fat, solid black one on the right.  🙂  They are our boys & we love them so much.  I HIGHLY doubt we will EVER own two great danes again, so it was awesome to get pictures with both of them together.  We took tons of great pictures, including some of Adam on his motorcycle, but I haven’t had time to edit them all yet! 

Check back for the Evans’ family session we’re having on Sunday, December 30th with their son, Dustin, who is currently serving as a U.S. Marine.  Getting family pictures before he flies back out is going to be very special for them.

Betty & Tim – Thank you SO much for coming all the way over here on your only day off!


8 Trivial Facts about me! (An ongoing blog tag game)

For Bloggers, there has been a recent national photographer “blog tagging” game that’s been going around.  I’ve had a really fun time reading others’ entries & I’ve been tagged twice. (Thanks to Dawn Earles & Lara Hogan!)  So, if you’d like to learn 8 new things about me, read on!  🙂

– Number one:  As of 1 month ago, Adam & I are proud owners of a motorcycle!  Yep, Lindsey rides (on the back of) a motorcycle & I love it!  It’s been my newest addiction!  We actually took an amazing one hour country “sunset” ride Tuesday night & I thought I was in heaven.  It’s still a little bit of a new thought to me… that there is nothing between me & the 65 mph blacktop below, but I think that’s part of what I love about it! 


 –  Number two:  I met Adam 2 1/2 years ago when he came to work on my phone at my studio on Hodges Street.  Yep, I was just smitten with “the BellSouth Guy” (as my family called him) & I got a phone call a few days later asking me out.  The rest is history.  😉



– Number three:  I owe my strong inspiration for the career choice I made to my grandparents.  I grew up playing in the darkroom, watching them conduct their consultations with their brides (while also trying to babysit us!), & helping to fix the dresses during bridal sessions.  My grandpa started his photography career in the 1940’s when he was a worldwide traveler for the Navy, shooting & capturing some of the most amazing images of Australia, Japan, China, Korea, & Hawaii. 

A picture of my grandparents taken last year for their 50th wedding anniversary.


(If you visit the studio, you’ll see an original film & dark roomed produced picture hanging of my grandpa & I.)

 – Number four:  Adam & I were married on a little island in Jennings 3 months before our “real” wedding.  Our attendants?  Both of our parents. 

After Rita, Adam was working 13 days on, 1 off.  We received news two days before mandatory evacuation that my dad needed another emergency open heart surgery.  Being self-employed, this meant the dental office would be closed for at least 2-3 months (again) & not knowing how long the storm recovery alone would take, we just knew there was no possible way to have a big wedding in only 3 months.

So, with the strong support of our parents, we were married on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon by a Justice of the Peace.  (Our marriage liscense is filed in Jennings!)  Little did I know, I had 104 degree fever & a bad case of strep throat that day, but I couldn’t have cared less!


(So how did we end up having a “big wedding” too?  God graced us with some amazing things that happened – like my dad’s surgery was able to be post-poned – and with Adam’s work hours, magic happened and a Christian & public wedding occurred on January 21st, 2006.)

 – Number five:  I showed Simbra Heifers (aka-cows) for six years in 4-H.  Some of my best childhood memories was travelling around with my cows for livestock shows.  I know I know…. I’m a nerd.  🙂

(No pictures of this.  I sooo wish I could dig up a picture of me & one of my cows… if I happen to come across one, I will definately share!  lol)

– Number six:  Last Fall, I went to my first NASCAR race in Texas & I went 180 mph around the Las Vegas Motorspeedway in Dale Jr’s car! 

Texas Motorspeedway



In Las Vegas… That’s me in there… beaming  🙂


Adam was right behind me in Gordon’s car.  (Naturally, being the die-hard fan, he got first dibs on the 24.)


– Number seven:  I am a huge animal person!  I was the girl who would always take in the stray cats & dogs and beg my mom to let me keep every one.  Who knew that man of my life would be the same way?!  We currently have two great danes (Gordie – named after J. Gordon- and Duke), two cats (fat “Gizz” & “White Kitty”), & a teacup chihuahua – Teeters.  Gizz, White Kitty, & Gordie were all adopted.  More trivia?  White Kitty is deaf & walks funny due to getting sick as a kitten before we adopted him through Animal’s Angels.

The fat Gizz (taken with my phone, so excuse the quality!)


White Kitty






Duke, Gordie, & Adam


– Number seven part two:  Teeters recently turned three & we celebrated with a Sunday afternoon puppy birthday BBQ.  Yes, some thought we were crazy.  But us?  It’s just another day in our family.  No, Adam did not think it was cool, but yes, he put up with it & enjoyed eating all the dogs. (Hot dogs… 🙂



Mom’s two dogs, Joe & Spanky, enjoying a puppy cookie.  (We had about 10 “guests” attend & they all played so good together.  Hey!  We don’t have kids yet- what do you expect?!  😛 )


“Dogs in a Blanket” made by my awesome uncle Steve.


Misha’s is the Teeters’ favorite place to go.  So, naturally, we found a few things from there to wrap up.  Other “gifts”?  Stale pretzels, Happy Meal Build a Bears, etc…  lol


– Number eight:  I’ve never photographed for fun.  This was just recently brought to my attention by a friend of mine at a wedding the other day.  Justin Kase & I were talking “geek talk” about photography (like always!) & he asked what I photographed for myself… for fun.  I knew right away that I had no clue, but tried to think of a quick answer.  I couldn’t!  That was a few weeks ago & still today, I’m trying to answer that question.

It’s not like that’s a sad thing, in my opinion!  It’s just that I like assignments, LOVE sessions (family, kids, engagement, etc.) & weddings.  And everytime I have a camera in my hand, it’s for a purpose.  (Adam’s softball games, Teeters’ b-day party-lol, family events, etc.)  So, there has not been a time – even in school – where I didn’t already have something that needed to be documented.

So, this is a new goal of mine.  To figure out what I like to shoot for myself.  For fun.  And then do it!  Just one hour a month maybe… devoted to walking out of the studio, camera in hand, the world in front of me, & not one specific subject in mind…. and let’s see what happens!  Sounds dramatic?  Yeah, I know…  😉

Alright, so now you know 8 more tidbits of info on me!  I hope you enjoyed it!  Happy Wednesday.

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