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Brice & Micheal

We had this cute couple’s e-session a few weeks ago and had so much fun!  As you’ll see from the images, Micheal had Brice laughing most of the afternoon, which kept Ariel and I laughing as well.  Although I won’t be able to photograph their Spring wedding in Cabo Saint Lucias, I couldn’t be happier to have Brice for their engagements, as well as her bridal session!  THANK YOU Keely & Jason for the referral!  😀

We started the afternoon at their beautiful home with Micheal’s beloved cat, “Kitty”, who lived to be a whopping FIFTEEN years old!  (She’s since passed away, making these pictures even more priceless.)  Being a kitty girl as well and having just lost White Kitty a few weeks ago (our precious little deaf white cat), I could completely related to the love and compassion you have for your four-legged family members.

So, to begin….  beautiful portraits of Kitty!

LOVE this picture.  So cute of the both of them!

Kitty trying not to fall asleep during her session…    😉

We then headed left Kitty to take a nap and went out and about….

Congrats, Brice & Micheal!  Thank you again for opening your home to us.  We had an awesome time!  🙂


Meagan & Max (part 1)

This is a post that’s been long overdue!  I think one reason I’ve put it off is knowing how much I LOVED their capturing their day… from start to finish it was perfect, sweet, and everything I think they’d hoped for!  No, this is not the wedding I shot while Ike was hitting (that post will come later!); but a week after Ike.  Despite loosing Meagan’s prints in the midst of Ike via my lab (eeek!), she was so calm and sweet about everything and with the amazing help of Christina (thanks, chic!), I pulled a superman and had new prints overnighted and framed and ready to go by Friday.  Yay!  SO, like I said – despite everything, the day played out perfectly!  You may remember this cute family from their engagement session back in June.

Goofing off at Meagan’s

Little Miller getting dressed.  so cute!


The dresses were phenomenal.  I loved them!

And thank you, again, Andrea (gorgeous girl on Meagan’s right) for all of your help and running around (again!).  😀

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