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Ike (arrrggghhh!!!)

Friggin’ hurricanes.

When I was in Austin last week (for Gustav), I met the cutest couple while waiting for the bats to come out from the Congress bridge.  (Coolest thing ever – watch it on youtube HERE.)  They were vacationing from Dallas and just enjoying city for a few days.  When they found out I was an evacuee from Louisiana, they just asked, “Why don’t you move?”

That was it.  Simple as that.  I kind of laughed.  I thought about it for a minute, thinking, “These people are right!  Why don’t we just move somewhere else?”

The primary reason being this:  When Rita came and devastasted everything in SWLA in ’05, Adam said that was it.  No more.  We’re moving!  After he calmed down a little more, I told him that just doesn’t make sense.  These kind of horrible cat 3 storms only come but once every fifty years – Hurricane Audrey being the last in the 1950’s.  Once every 50 years isn’t that bad.  We can live through that.

But now, evacuating TWICE in a week/two weeks?!  Geez!  Let’s just hope this year is a bizarre one and that this guy, like Gustav, isn’t THAT bad.

By the way – we’re not going far this time.  And it looks like it’s just my mom and I again.  Which is cool.  Without a mandatory evacuation, Adam’s 13 on: 1 off shifts are still going strong and AT&T still has them working a full 12 hour day tomorrow and Saturday.  Freaks.  I just told him not to climb any poles in these 80 mph gusts.  (i.e. – I’ll be a nervous wreck for the next two days leaving him here alone/with my dad.  Same thing.  lol)

We’re just going to Lafayette.  As of now, we still have a wedding to shoot in Iota on Saturday!  My mom has asked me about 30 times today if it’s been post-poned or cancelled yet.  And every hour, I tell her no, I haven’t heard anything.  Just like I told Tara, who was married right before Gustav hit, – If you’re there, we’re there.  🙂  I have to give props to Ariel, who’s so “hard core” that she’s just like me.  I told her she’s not obligated to help me on Saturday…. to “go and save yourself”.  lol  But she said she’s good.  She’ll be in Lafayette as well and she’ll be ready to go Saturday if needed.  Thanks chick.  😉

Oh – so by the way – the studio will be closed again until further notice… If all goes well, that means until Monday or Tuesday, I’m sure.  I’ll keep u posted.  Be safe!


Commercial Project coming to a close :)

The first thing I have to say about this project is how AMAZING the people are that I’ve been working with!  There is THE best group of three ladies who I’ve talked with almost daily throughout this project and when I finally had the opportunity to meet the rest of the group behind this amazing SWLA commercial project last week, they were just as great!  There’s just something about working with a good group of people that you just can’t beat.  It makes my work that much more enjoyable.   🙂  Thank you, guys!  You know who you are!  (And, soon, with the upcoming grand opening and unveiling of this “project” I can announce who is receiving all of these amazing images, taken exclusively for them. 🙂

These are just SOME of the images handed over recently, as I prepare them for printing, matting, & framing…

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