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Brice & Micheal

We had this cute couple’s e-session a few weeks ago and had so much fun!  As you’ll see from the images, Micheal had Brice laughing most of the afternoon, which kept Ariel and I laughing as well.  Although I won’t be able to photograph their Spring wedding in Cabo Saint Lucias, I couldn’t be happier to have Brice for their engagements, as well as her bridal session!  THANK YOU Keely & Jason for the referral!  😀

We started the afternoon at their beautiful home with Micheal’s beloved cat, “Kitty”, who lived to be a whopping FIFTEEN years old!  (She’s since passed away, making these pictures even more priceless.)  Being a kitty girl as well and having just lost White Kitty a few weeks ago (our precious little deaf white cat), I could completely related to the love and compassion you have for your four-legged family members.

So, to begin….  beautiful portraits of Kitty!

LOVE this picture.  So cute of the both of them!

Kitty trying not to fall asleep during her session…    😉

We then headed left Kitty to take a nap and went out and about….

Congrats, Brice & Micheal!  Thank you again for opening your home to us.  We had an awesome time!  🙂


Brandon + Jules :)

Jules!  After checking the blog consistantly for the past two weeks, you finally get to see YOU!  😀

Julia has been a long time friend of mine… back to the wee years of Sulphur High Class of ’02.  (Woot!)

It was such a pleasure to meet Brandon (officially) for their session.  I’ve watched these two quietly attend all of their friends’ weddings in the past two years… I’ve always caught a shot of them quietly dancing towards the back of the floor, looking happier than ever.  I can’t wait to watch them truly take the dance floor, by themselves, as husband and wife within only a few weeks.  (Tear! :*)  We’ve grown up WAY too fast!!!

So I introduce to you, THE most happy, halarious, and giggly couple I’ve had in a long time.  It was so refreshing and fun!  They NEVER stopped laughing!  For almost two hours!  It was great.  🙂

And btw – I’m blogging from a laptop again – sorry!  My feet are propped up and I’m in pjs, so if the colors aren’t quite right or they looked a little bit over processed, it’s not normal!  Just a different monitor for tonight!  🙂

Congrats to you both!  Jules – I’ll see you next week!  🙂

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